To pull reports for your Popmenu Online Ordering integration with Clover, follow the steps below...

Table of Contents

  1. Sales Reports

  2. Order Type Reports

  3. Item Sales Reports

Sales Reports

  • Login to

  • On the left navigation pane select Reporting

  • Select Sales Reports

  • Filter page by Order Types set for Popmenu pickup and/or delivery.

  • Filter Date Range

  • Scroll down and view the report or export data

Order Type Reports

  • Filter Date Range

  • Select Get Reports

  • For more information select Details for specific Order Types and orders.

Item Sales Reports

Popmenu items will be marked as uncategorized since menu items are created in Popmenu and not Clover.

  • Filter Order Types, Date Range, and any other filters you may want to see.

  • View displayed item sales

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