Welcome to Popmenu Boost! We’re so excited to welcome you to Popmenu and help you reach new heights in marketing your restaurant with Boost. We want to make the process as smooth as possible for you and have outlined updates and additions to your marketing services below.

Here’s what’s going to change with Popmenu:

With Popmenu Boost, you’ll begin working with a team of restaurant marketers to implement strategies that drive growth, engage your restaurant followers, and support your social media presence. Our Boost program was created to enhance your restaurant through several marketing channels.

We offer a robust marketing service to help your restaurant communicate consistently and effectively, however, we do not offer the following services:

  • Review Responses: At the moment we are not bringing over reviews or offering the review response service you were used to with your Ordereze site. However, you will begin receiving customer reviews directly on your new Popmenu online menu. We’ve made it easy for you to accept reviews, add them to your site, and post them on social. Plus, Google reviews account for 70% of total online reviews and they also can be responded to directly in the Popmenu platform making it easier for you to connect with guests and grow your following!

  • SinglePlatform Menu Sync: We will not be offering the menu sync option that was provided by Ordereze through SinglePlatform. Popmenu's interactive menu technology allows you to own your menu experience and reviews by providing the highest performing and best-looking interactive menu tool available on the market to keep your menus up to date on your own domain.

  • Marketing Changes (Email and Social): Our Boost marketing services include 2 social posts per week and 2-4 emails per month. We do not offer additional social or emails per week/month. In Popmenu’s suite of marketing tools, you’ll find a quick and easy way to use templates along with the Boost team to create additional emails, social posts, and SMS Marketing messages. In addition, our team will help you customize automated emails that send to you customers based on their engagement with your website and menu, on an ongoing basis, with little effort on your end.

With Popmenu Boost, you’ll gain so much more:

  • 2 social media posts per week across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • 2 Google My Business profile posts per week

  • 2-4 emails per month

  • Customized automated emails that send to you customers based on their engagement with your website and menu

  • 2-4 SMS marketing messages per month

  • 8 hours of photography shoots annually

  • A dedicated Client Marketing Consultant

  • And so much more...

To see the full Popmenu Boost Marketing offering, please see below.

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