Here’s what’s going to change with Popmenu:

Email Creation and Social Post Services

With Popmenu, we offer a full suite of marketing tools, and while we do not offer email creation and social post services at your current subscription level, there are two options available to you:

  1. We offer an extensive selection of unique email and social media tools designed to help you stay engaged with your guests as part of your current Popmenu subscription.

    • Message Packs, a library of pre-created email messages and social media posts, so you can you create stunning content for special holidays and events.

    • Schedule and publish all your social posts directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business. Plus, with our Instagram embed tool, you can connect to your Instagram account and display your photos directly on your website.

    • With our Mass Messages feature, you can easily send custom emails to all your followers, and with Smart Messages, you can automatically trigger emails based on guests’ interactions with your website.

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  2. Our premium service, Boost, enables you to work with our team of marketers to implement even more strategies that drive growth, engage your restaurant followers, and support your social media presence. A monthly Boost subscription includes custom email marketing, social posts, SMS marketing, photography, content development, and much more. We’re offering this at a special reduced rate to all Ordereze clients for $350/month (currently priced at $450/month).

Review Responses

At the moment we are not bringing over reviews or offering the review response service you were used to with your Ordereze site. However, you will begin receiving customer reviews directly on your new Popmenu online menu. We’ve made it easy for you to accept reviews, add them to your site, and post them on social. Plus, Google reviews account for 70% of total online reviews and they also can be responded to directly in the Popmenu platform making it easier for you to connect with guests and grow your following!

Menu Sync

We will not be offering the menu sync option that was provided by Ordereze through SinglePlatform. Popmenu's interactive menu technology allows you to own your menu experience and reviews by providing the highest performing and best-looking interactive menu tool available on the market to keep your menus up to date on your own domain.

Our user-friendly menus give customers the experience they're looking for, including gorgeous food photography and social validation of your guests' reviews and experiences. This means that guests can feel confident engaging with your brand on your website instead of relying on third parties like Yelp and Trip Advisor to make their decision to dine with you.

Additionally, with our Google My Business integration, your restaurant’s Popmenu menu will always stay up to date on your Google profile.

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Additional new marketing tools are now available to you!

We offer a full suite of marketing tools to help you simply, yet effectively, market your restaurant. With Popmenu, you’ll gain a new set of marketing tools including:

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