Welcome to Popmenu!!

The first step in your migration to Popmenu is logging into your my.popmenu.com dashboard! This dashboard allows you to update your website, edit your menus, send out customer marketing emails, and more!

Here's how to access your my.popmenu.com dashboard:

  • Access the emails from Popmenu about your site migration

  • In these emails, click the Request Access to my Popmenu site link

  • This will take you to a webpage, which will in turn email you another link

  • Access your email with the invitation to accept your team member invite. The subject line will be "Invite to join [YOUR RESTAURANT] on Popmenu".

  • Click Accept Invite

  • If you have an existing my.popmenu.com account (for example, you've already used the link, or you have another Popmenu site), you will be emailed a magic login link to instantly sign in.

  • If you do not have a my.popmenu.com account, you will be emailed a team invite link to finish setting up your account by providing your name, phone number, and a password.

Contact onboarding@popmenu.com with any questions!

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