Do you have questions around disputes and how they work with different payment providers? Read below for answers to some of the most common questions we get.

  • What are the steps in the dispute process

  • Can Popmenu act on my behalf during or after the process of dispute?

    Popmenu can offer guidance with this process, but we do not have direct contact or impact/influence on the timeframe or decisions provided by the cardholder's issuing bank.

    All payments occur and are approved via the payment processor, not via Popmenu. Popmenu’s Online Ordering integration and menu serves as a branded experience that captures guests' data during online orders and sends order payments to the restaurant’s payment processor, who then has their own processes in place for protection against fraudulent charges.

    When a guest or bad player disputes a charge, the case lands with the payment processor, where the charge was placed. We can provide guidance from the information in the doc, but ultimately chargebacks and disputes must be handled with the payment processor and must be handled swiftly.

  • How can I actively prevent fraudulent disputes?

    Depending on your workflow or third-party integration use, it may curb dispute risk to have your guest present payment upon pickup so that it can be processed by the more secure EMV chip. You might also try asking for a matching ID to the credit card used or to show the credit card itself upon pickup. Popmenu is not capable of blocking certain credit card numbers.

    It’s important for you to understand the steps and protections your payment processor has in place, and higher-level protection may come at a cost. For example, Square promises users “chargeback protection” and “payment dispute” assistance but expects its merchants to follow their best practices for accepting card payments.

  • What evidence should I provide if I experience a dispute?

    You may consider a number of different pieces of evidence. Popmenu cannot guarantee evidence that will guarantee your restaurant to win your dispute. You may want to consider providing a print out of the order, the notifications the guest received to confirm the order and anything else you feel pertinent.

To learn more about your specific payment processors dispute process:

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