Table of Contents

  1. About the integration

  2. Ordering Process

  3. Cost & Fees

  4. Printing Online Orders

  5. Payments & Refunds

  6. Menu Management

  7. Gift Cards & Loyalty

  8. Popmenu Delivery with DoorDash

About the integration

  • Who can take advantage of Clover POS integration with Popmenu?

    All Popmenu clients with Clover as their POS system can utilize the Clover integration with Popmenu Online Ordering. Popmenu Indie clients will need to upgrade in order to use this integration.

  • Does this work for both pickup and delivery orders?

    Yes! The Clover integration works for Pickup and Delivery orders placed on your Popmenu website. This includes deliveries through our DoorDash partnership. Popmenu In-House Delivery is supported with Clover but will need an additional tablet with access to Popmenu for Owners application to verify the order contact name, address, and delivery time.

  • How long does the setup process take?

    Setup process can take from 7-10 business days from start to finish. Please speak with your Client Success Manager or to get you a more accurate timeline.

Ordering Process

  • How does an order with the Popmenu & Clover integration work?

    • A guest makes an order on the restaurant’s website via Popmenu Online Ordering.

    • The Order is captured & auto-accepted by Popmenu and is injected into Clover.

    • The ticket is printed according to your printer configurations in Clover.

    • Clover processes the payment.

  • Will an order be automatically accepted with the integration?
    Yes, orders are automatically accepted in Popmenu and injected into Clover. Payment is collected via Clover as your payment processor.

  • Do I need to have a separate tablet for Popmenu's integration with Clover?

    Popmenu orders are managed through your existing Clover system - orders will appear directly into your Clover stations. However, we recommend a tablet so you can seamlessly update menu items within your Popmenu for Owners application.

  • How do I set my online ordering hours?

    Pickup and delivery hours for Popmenu Online Ordering are controlled in Popmenu. You can also set exceptions to these hours for things like holidays!

  • How does reporting work (expand)

    You will have access to Reporting through your Popmenu dashboard, as well as the reports available through Clover POS.

Types of Orders

  • Can customers order ahead?

    Yes! Popmenu will take the prep time + scheduled time of the order into consideration when injecting to Clover POS.

  • Can customers place catering orders?

    Yes! Using our Catering Lead Time feature will allow customers to place catering orders.

  • Can customers place contactless Dine-in orders?

    No. Currently unavailable, check back for updates!

  • Can customers place contactless curbside orders?

    Yes! With limitations – Curbside pickup orders will inject into your Clover POS. with the correct Order Type labeled. Curbside pickup settings to be configured in With Clover integration, Curbside guest communications will NOT pass through to Clover.

    Customers will receive messages via email and/or text upon order confirmation. To receive notifications when guests arrive for Popmenu Curbside Pickup, have a tablet with Popmenu for Owners application on hand.

  • How can I let my staff know if the order is for takeout/delivery or dine in?

    “Order Types” can be created within the Setup app of your Clover POS, then assigned to their respective order type(pickup vs delivery) within Popmenu. The “Order Type” will show at the top of printed tickets.

  • What other Online Ordering providers inject orders into Clover?

    All of your Popmenu orders will be injected directly into Clover including your DoorDash orders with Popmenu's partnership.

    Additionally, OrderNerd orders will also inject orders into Clover. OrderNerd powered by popmenu, is an online ordering aggregation service that funnels all your third-party orders right into one centralized location. To learn more about OrderNerd, click here. If interested, please request a demo!

Cost & Fees

  • Is there an additional cost to integrate Clover & Popmenu?

    There is no additional cost to your Popmenu subscription to use the integration with Clover! If you are on Popmenu's Indie package you will need to upgrade in order to utilize the integration.

  • How does Popmenu collect the online ordering convenience fee?

    Popmenu charges a $1 online ordering convenience fee for pick up and delivery. Popmenu's DoorDash integration costs $6.99 per order plus the tips for the delivery driver. You will collect these fees from your customers and Popmenu will collect these funds from you via your billing payment method on file on either a daily or weekly basis.

Printing Online Orders

  • What printers work with Clover and Popmenu integration?

    Clover POS attached printers take precedence. So, any printer that works directly with Clover will work.

  • Do my online orders automatically print to my printer?
    Yes, orders can be automatically printed when sent and accepted in Clover. Our current Clover integration only allows you to print one receipt to one printer. Our team will do a test order with you to ensure you understand how orders appear in Clover.

  • When will future orders print?
    Popmenu will take the prep time + scheduled time of the order into consideration when injecting to Clover POS. For example, an order that is placed a week ago but only takes an hour to prepare will print an hour before it is due.

  • Can I use multi-print routing?

    No. At this time, Popmenu orders print to (1) single Clover printer.

  • What does an in house delivery ticket look like from Popmenu?

    Below you will find the Kitchen printer view, the print bill and print payment receipt via from Clover.

Payments & Refunds

  • Who is the payment processor when utilizing the integration?

    All of your payments will be processed by Clover.

  • Will all payments be accepted?
    Purchase cards, such as company credit cards, must be set up in Clover as a tender type. This is not required to use the Popmenu online ordering, however, if a customer attempts to use a purchase card on the website then they will encounter an error. To configure purchase cards refer to the following Clover guide. Please reach out to the Clover team if you require setup assistance. Enable Purchasing Cards as a Tender Type in Clover

  • How do I handle a refund?
    Refunds should be processed in Clover.

  • Can my customers pay by cash or credit card?

    Popmenu supports pay by credit card. Currently, pay-on-pick-up (cash) is not supported and all customers must pay online. Clover does not accept payment cards.

  • Where do I configure taxes?

    You can configure taxes in your Clover web dashboard. Only one tax rate can be set.

Menu Management

  • Can I manage online ordering hours or menu hours in Clover?

    No, online ordering hours and menu hours are currently managed in Popmenu.

  • If you remove an item in Clover does it remove the item on Popmenu Online Ordering?
    Currently, items removed from Clover have no impact on Popmenu. You should remove items or mark items as out of stock directly in Popmenu via the Popmenu for Owners app or dashboard.

Gift Cards & Loyalty

  • Can I use Popmenu’s digital gift cards with the integration?
    No, at this time Popmenu gift cards are not supported with this integration.

  • Can I use Clover Gift Cards?

    No, Clover Gift Cards are not supported at this time.

  • Can I use Popmenu’s offers with the integration?
    Yes. Popmenu’s offers will work when integrated! Follow these instructions to set up and launch an online offer for online ordering today.

Popmenu Delivery with Doordash

  • How does Popmenu's integration with Doordash work?

    Read here to learn more about the lifecycle of an order with Popmenu's Doordash integration!

  • How far does Popmenu's DoorDash deliver?

    DoorDash determines the delivery radius based on demand and driver availability. In most cases, this delivery radius usually comes out to about 5 miles.

  • Should I discontinue my storefront (app) relationship with DoorDash or Grubhub?

    Not necessarily! You can continue any existing storefront agreement with third-party apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, UberEats and Postmates. These are still viable channels for reaching new guests!

  • What does a ticket look like with Popmenu's DoorDash integration with Clover?

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