Welcome to Popmenu! We're so excited to welcome you to the Pop fam and make sure this is a smooth process for you.

Here’s what we’ve migrated over automatically:

  • Menu

  • Contacts

  • Business Hours

  • Pickup and Delivery (Including DoorDash)

  • Tax setting

  • Stripe Payment Processing

  • Order History

Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Log into my.popmenu.com

  2. Review your menus & online ordering settings

  3. Configure your Online Ordering Advanced Settings. Here’s a support article to help you.

  4. Attend a training webinar

  5. Download the Popmenu for owners app & configure your printer (optional)

What is going to change or be different?:

Receiving Orders:

  • All orders will be received and accepted within the Popmenu platform. Here’s a support article on how to manage your orders.

  • In addition to a web browser, you can also manage your orders in the Popmenu for Owners App, which is available in mobile and tablet versions. Here’s a support article to learn all about our App.

  • Inventory management, busy lead times, order throttling, and voice alerts will not be available in the Popmenu platform.


  • Printer: Popmenu is compatible with the Star TSP100 and Star TSP600 series of printers, you can find printer compatibility listed here!

  • Tablet: You can continue to use your Android or Apple tablet for Popmenu Online Ordering! Your tablet will need to be running Android 6.0 or higher or iOS 12 or higher. To learn more about tablet compatibility visit this support article.

  • Fax: You will no longer be able to use a fax to receive your orders through Popmenu and will need to use a tablet and/or printer.

Marketing Tools:

  • You’ll now have access to Popmenu’s suite of email and social media tools included in your subscription! Learn about them here!

  • All of your email contacts will be automatically transferred to Popmenu. You will have 500 email sends across your contacts included every month! For unlimited email sends, please contact our sales team about upgrading to Popmenu Pro!

  • Online Ordering Promotions or Offers are not included with the Popmenu Indie service. To upgrade to Pro, please contact our sales team!


  • If you signed up for the Review Response service through Ordereze, that service will be discontinued. Instead, you will begin receiving customer reviews directly on your new Popmenu site. Here’s a support article on how you can easily accept reviews, add them to your site, and post them on social.

Here’s what’s going to be happening in the future:

  • You will receive periodic communication from the Popmenu Client Success Team to check in on how you are doing as well as offer advice on how to further market your business through the Popmenu platform.

How to contact Popmenu for help:

Before your site is migrated, email onboarding@popmenu.com or attend a webinar on your topic of choice and get all of your questions answered!

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