How to access:

  • From My Pop dashboard, select the online ordering section or “shopping cart” icon.

  • Select Ordering Settings

  • Go to the location you will be editing settings for and select the blue “settings” button on the far right

  • Select “advanced”. It is the last option at the top of the page.

Review Settings

  • "Allow customers to place scheduled orders”

    • When your business is closed, you can allow a customer to order ahead for a future time when you are open. By selecting this feature the customer has the ability to select a future time. By deselecting this feature they will be shown your next open time without the ability to place an order.

  • "Allow customers to include special instructions in orders"

    • At checkout, you can allow customers to submit special requests OR additional notes for the order in an open text box at checkout. By deselecting this option you will remove this from checkout. This appears like the below image in the check out page of online ordering

Special instructions box
  • "Online Ordering observes holiday hours"

    • When you are closed for holidays such as Christmas and New Year, your online ordering will automatically update to reflect those hours of operation. Learn more about holiday hours here.

  • "Default time to prepare (minutes)"

    • This is your standard time to prepare a dish. You want to set this as the standard, but know you can make adjustments based on your current situation (i.e. slower or busier).

  • "Default Delivery Time"

    • Default delivery time is the additional time it will take to deliver an order, this will not include time to prepare, but will be added on top of it for delivery orders.

  • "Payment Method Message"

    • If you’d like to include a note to the customer when they are checking out, enter it here. It will appear in red just above where the payment type is selected as seen in the image below.

Payment method message

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