Popmenu helps collect reviews on each of your dishes! After accepting a review, you can choose to “post review” which will add the review text into a social media post to help you post it quickly.

How it works

  • Navigate to your Popmenu Dashboard at my.popmenu.com

  • You'll see your new reviews under Tasks

  • Click Accept on any reviews you'd like public on your website

  • After hitting accept, you'll see a button for Post Review

  • Next, the social media post modal will open. The system will automatically include the review text, along with some stock copy and a link to the menu item, into the “message” section of the social post (that will serve as a post caption).

  • This is editable and you can put whatever other text they would like in this section, as well as choose any photo to accompany the post.

  • Add a photo of the dish if you'd like that included, that won't be automatically included.

  • Hit Post and your social post will be on your Facebook, Instagram, or other accounts!

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