*Popmenu Reservations is currently available for beta clients only*

Popmenu Reservations is best when configured prior to going live with Reservations on your website! Popmenu Reservations allows you to configure reservation hours, time intervals, and policy.

Reservations and Website Configurations:


Popmenu for Owners App

  • Toggle Reservations On or Off

  • Select Save

Update Reservations Settings

Update Reservation Hours

In my.popmenu.com you can update the Reservation hours to match your hours of operation or customize reservations based on your highest-traffic hours. You can also set the interval of your reservation time slots between 15, 30, and 60 minutes.

  • Select Reservation Tab

  • Scroll to Reservation Hours

  • Select Interval

  • Choose between 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

  • Select whether to “Match Restaurant Hours,” or uncheck and select customized hours.

  • Save

Update Reservation Policy

Updating your Reservation policy in settings will create clear expectations between you and your customers. You will be able to address specifics regarding party size limitations, late policy, and anything else to make customers aware.

  • Go to Popmenu for Owners Application or my.popmenu.com

  • Select Front of House

  • Select Settings

  • Select Reservation Tab

  • Scroll to Reservation Policy

Popmenu for Owners App


  • Update Reservation Policy text box

  • Save

Add Reservation to Your Website Navigation Bar

To add a reservations link to the navigation bar at the header of your website – Go to your Popmenu Dashboard my.popmenu.com:

  • Go to my.popmenu.com

  • Select Website

  • Select Navigation

  • Select Add Link

  • Fill out link display text, i.e. “Reservation” and select link URL Reservation

  • Select Save

  • Once you save adding the link, reload your webpage. The link at the header in your navigation bar will display your “Reservations” link.

Where to Download Popmenu for Owners App

If you are interested in Popmenu Reservations please email support@popmenu.com

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