Need a specific amount of lead time for your catering menu(s)? Popmenu has got you covered!

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About Catering Lead Times

  • What is a lead time? This is the amount of time between a guest placing a catering order and you having it ready.

  • Your guests will only be able to select a catering order time that takes into account your catering menu lead time!

  • Separate catering menus can have their own unique lead times. This is great if you have a catering menu that needs more or less time than another catering menu.

  • Catering ordering appears separately from your online ordering pickup and delivery page. Read further to set up your first catering page!

Creating a Catering Online Ordering Page

  • Click + Add Page to create a new page

  • Insert your Page Title: Catering (or whatever you'd like to call it!)

  • Click on the Name Page Heading and type Catering > press save (Or whatever you want to call the page, really, get creative!)

  • Click + Add Section - This will default to being a “Text Box” section

  • Select Text Box in the header of the section you just added and then select section type called Online ordering
    Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Select Pickup menus from the drop down and then select catering menus > press save

Now you are ready to configure your catering lead time so these orders will have advanced notice!

How to Configure a Lead Time

  • Go to the Ordering tab of your dashboard

  • Click Ordering Settings and choose your location

  • In your Pickup and/or Delivery sections

  • Select your catering menu

  • Toggle the menu from Online Menu to Catering Menu

  • You'll see the lead time setting appear next the menu

  • Click the edit icon and adjust the lead time in increments of hours

    • e.g. "0.5" for thirty minutes

    • e.g. "48" hours for two days

When a lead time is populated, it will override the default time to prepare and delivery time. In the case that the lead time is 0, the default time to prepare and delivery time will still be respected.

  • Follow these instructions to add your newly ready Catering Page to your navigation bar menu!

Processing Catering Orders

Catering Orders will appear in the catering section of online ordering

  • Go to the Ordering tab of your dashboard

  • Click Catering

  • Navigate to Future Orders

Guest Experience

Catering online ordering appears in a separate online ordering experience from Popmenu pick up and delivery. Only menus designated for catering will appear in the catering guest experience!

Guests will be given date/time options that respect the lead time. For example, if today is Monday 12 PM and the catering menu has a lead time of 48 hours, then the soonest the guest can schedule the order is Wednesday 12 PM. If a location has multiple catering menus, then the date/time shown will respect the shortest lead time.

If the guest switches to a different catering menu with a longer lead time and the selected date/time does not respect the lead time, there will be a message to update the date/time and the Add to Cart buttons will be disabled.

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