With the OrderNerd app, you can easily mark items out of stock across your third party ordering providers by following the steps below. Note: Out of Stock on third parties is currently not available on the Popmenu for Owners app.

  1. Open the OrderNerd app.

  2. Click the drawer button at the top left corner of the screen.

  3. Go to the section titled Menu.

  4. If you are running multiple concepts from the same tablet, select a concept.

  5. Tap the menu item that you wish to modify the status of.

  6. A modal will appear with two options for the length of time for the item to be marked out of stock: End of day or Indefinitely. Choose the appropriate option.


    NOTE: This will mark out of stock across all your third parties and Popmenu (except Slice).

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  8. To mark the item back in stock, repeat the same process and tap MARK ITEM BACK IN STOCK. 

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