Custom Responses

Your Answering assistant is now more on brand, you can personalize 13 Answering categories and update multiple topics within each category. You can customize your responses, and add actionable steps such as sending follow-up links, directing customers to your virtual voicemail, and escalating more complex conversations back to you and your team!

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To update customized responses:

  • Logging into

  • Select Front of House

  • Select Settings

  • Select the Answering tab

  • Enable custom response in Custom Response by Category section

  • Select Category and Topic

  • Edit/Customize Custom Response and Action

  • Select Update Response

Answering Custom Response Flow

  • Question is asked by customer

  • If Response field is filled out a response will prompt. If not, a yes/no response will be prompted based off your GMB integration attributes.

  • Actions:

    • If Text Message URL action is added, text and response simultaneously are presented to customers.

    • If Voicemail action is added, voicemail prompt will proceed after custom response.

    • If Forwarding to the restaurant action is added, the call will be forwarded after the custom response.

***Customized responses will take precedence over generic GMB answers***

To update customized voice settings:

  • Login to

  • Select Front of House

  • Select Settings

  • Select Answering tab

  • Scroll Down to Voice Settings

  • Customize your Voice settings and verify with sample phrases

  • Select Save

Popmenu Answering Custom Responses Product Explainer

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