Turn every phone call into an opportunity

With Popmenu Answering, simple questions that keep your phone line tied up can be handled without pulling a staff member from your in-person hospitality. If you don't already have AI Answering as part of your Popmenu subscription and would like to either learn more or explore adding it on, please contact success@popmenu.com.

Call Topics and Responses:


As guests contact your restaurant, they will initially hear your customized greeting. Best practices for customized greetings are to include whom your customer is calling, educating customers that this is your new Answering assistant, and a call to action– I.e. “You can ask me anything, how can I help?”

You can update your greeting by:

  • Logging into my.popmenu.com

  • Select Front of House

  • Select Settings

  • Select the Answering tab

  • Update your Greetings in the Greetings & Response section

  • Save

Topics and Customized Responses

Guests have an interactive dialogue with the AI Answering assistant. You have the option of resorting to original response settings pulled directly from your website and Google My Business integrations.


Popmenu Answering will direct guests to your website to place an online order.

  • If you're a Popmenu Online Ordering client, guests will receive a link directly to your Online Ordering page texted to them.

  • If you have another ordering provider, your guests will receive a link to your website texted to them.

    • Ordering can now be personalized with Custom responses***


  • Guest: "Can I place a to-go order?"

  • AI Answering: "The best way to place an order is through our website, can we text you a link?"

  • Guest: "Yes"

  • AI Answering: "We're texting you a link to our ordering page now.


When guests ask about reservations, Popmenu Answering will direct them to your website to make a reservation. If calling from a mobile phone, guests will receive a link directly to your home page texted to them.

  • Tip: Set your Reservations information under Settings > Hours & Location so Answering can direct callers to the right information.

    • Reservations can now be personalized with Custom responses***


  • Guest: "Can I make a reservation?"

  • AI Answering: "The best way to make a reservation is on our website. We're texting you a link."

Advanced Waitlisting

If you're using Advance Waitlisting, Popmenu Answering will inform callers of your current wait time, as set in your Waitlisting settings!

  • Tip: Your wait time must be displayed on your website in order for Answering to read this out! Otherwise, Answering will direct callers to your website to join the waitlist.


  • Guest: "What is your wait time?"

  • AI Answering: "The current wait time is fifteen minutes."

    • Waitlist can now be personalized with Custom responses***

    If you are interested in a Popmenu Advanced Waitlist demo, reach out to

    success@popmenu.com today!


Popmenu Answering will announce your hours information based on the question that the customer asks. Examples: "What time do you open today" "What are your hours this week, etc).

  • Tip: Keep your hours up to date in my.popmenu.com > Settings > Hours & Location and this will instantly adjust the hours information for your Answering tool.


  • Guest: "What time are you open today?"

  • AI Answering: "We're currently open. We're open from 8 am to 9:30 pm."


If a guest asks about where to find your location, Popmenu Answering will let the client know your address.


  • Guest: "Where are you located?"

  • AI Answering: "We are located in Atlanta at 1000 Parkwood Circle. We're texting you our address now."

    • Your Location response can now be personalized with Custom responses. ***

Custom Responses

Your Answering assistant is now more on brand, you can personalize 13 Answering categories and update multiple topics within each category.

To update customized responses:

  • Logging into my.popmenu.com

  • Select Front of House

  • Select Settings

  • Select the Answering tab

  • Enable custom response in Custom Response by Category section

  • Select Category and Topic

  • Edit/Customize Custom Response and Action

  • Select Update Response

Customized responses will take precedence over generic GMB answers. You can customize your responses, and add actionable steps such as sending follow-up links, directing customers to your virtual voicemail, and escalating more complex conversations back to you and your team!

Customized Response Categories and Topics

There are 13 custom response categories with a multitude of topics that the answering assistant can respond to!



  • Wheelchair Accessible Elevator

  • Wheelchair Accessible Entrance

  • Wheelchair Accessible Parking

  • Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

  • Wheelchair Accessible Seating

Amenities & Accommodations

  • Dog Friendly

  • Has Bar

  • Has Booster Seats For Children

  • Has High Chairs

  • Has In-Store Shopping

  • Has Restroom

  • Has Salad Bar

  • Pet Friendly

  • Suitable For Working On A Laptop

Business Information

  • Identifies As Black Owned

  • Identifies As Family Owned

  • Identifies As Veteran Owned

  • Location

  • Website


  • Catering


  • Adults Only

  • Family Friendly

  • Kid-Friendly

  • LGBTQ Friendly

Customer Safety

  • Has Plexiglass At Checkout

  • Mask Required

  • Staff Get Temperature Checks

  • Staff Required To Disinfect Between Visits

  • Staff Wear Masks

  • Temperature Check Required

Dining Options

  • Acceptable To Order Just Alcohol

  • Acceptable To Order Just Coffee

  • Acceptable To Order Just Dessert

  • Allows Outside Food

  • Dine-In

  • Has Drive Through

  • Has Table Service

  • No Contact Delivery

  • Serves Breakfast

  • Serves Brunch

  • Serves Dessert

  • Serves Dinner

  • Serves Food At The Bar

  • Serves Happy Hour

  • Serves Late Night Food

  • Serves Lunch

Entertainment & Events

  • Has Bar Games

  • Has Dancing

  • Has Karaoke

  • Has Live Music

  • Has Live Performances

  • Has Pool Or Billiard Tables

  • Has Trivia

  • Private Events

  • Shows Sporting Events

Menu & Offerings

  • Has Braille Menu

  • Has Children's Menu

  • Serves Alcohol

  • Serves Beer

  • Serves Cocktails

  • Serves Coffee

  • Serves Comfort Food

  • Serves Craft Beer

  • Serves Food

  • Serves Gluten-Free Food

  • Serves Halal Food

  • Serves Hard Cider

  • Serves Liquor

  • Serves Locally Sourced Ingredients

  • Serves Organic

  • Serves Paleo Food

  • Serves Spicy

  • Serves Sunday Roast

  • Serves Tasting Menu

  • Serves Tea

  • Serves Vegetarian Food

  • Serves Wine


  • Order

Payment Options

  • Cash Only

  • Mobile Pay

  • Pay By Check

  • Pay By Debit Card

Seating Options

  • Has Private Dining Room

  • Outdoor Seating

  • Rooftop Seating

  • Seating

Waitlist & Reservations

  • Reservations

  • Waitlist

Google My Business Response Option

If your customized responses are not incorporated, Popmenu Answering will default to Google My Business Attributes integrated with your website. It will respond with basic YES/NO responses to the following topics below.


  • Wheelchair Accessible Elevator

  • Wheelchair Accessible Entrance

  • Wheelchair Accessible Parking Lot

  • Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

  • Wheelchair Accessible Seating


  • Bar onsite

  • Gender-neutral restroom

  • Good for kids

  • High chairs

  • Restroom


  • Family-friendly

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

  • Transgender safe space

Dining Options

  • Breakfast

  • Catering

  • Counter Service

  • Dessert

  • Dinner

  • Lunch

  • Pay Ahead

From the Business

  • Identifies as Black-owned

  • Identifies as Latino-owned

  • Identifies as veteran-owned

  • Identifies as women-owned

Health & Safety

  • Masks required

  • Staff get temperature checks

  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits

  • Staff wear masks

  • Temperature check required


  • Fireplace

  • Live music

  • Rooftop seating

  • Serves local specialty

  • Sports


  • Alcohol

  • All you can eat

  • Beer

  • Braille menu

  • Cocktails

  • Coffee

  • Comfort food

  • Halal food

  • Happy hour drinks

  • Happy hour food

  • Hard liquor

  • Kids' menu

  • Late-night food

  • Organic dishes

  • Salad bar

  • Small plates

  • Vegetarian options

  • Wine


  • Cash-only

  • Checks

  • Debit cards

  • NFC Mobile payments

Credit Cards

  • Discover

  • JCB

  • Diners Club

  • American Express

  • China Union Pay

  • MasterCard

  • VISA

Service Options

  • Curbside pickup

  • Delivery

  • Dine-in

  • Drive-through

  • No-contact delivery

  • Outdoor seating

  • Takeout

To learn more on how to update/edit your Google My Business attribute follow this support article – Google Business Profile: An Overview.


Guests have the option to leave a Voicemail with Popmenu Answering. They can ask the Answering tool if they can leave a voicemail or if Answering recognizes that their question is not getting answered, it will offer this option.

To view your voicemail:

  • Voicemails will be displayed on the right side

  • To funnel all voicemails, select All Calls dropdown

  • Select the play button or call on the Call Log

  • Press Play or Transcribe

Speak with a Person

When a guest asks to speak with a person, their call will be forwarded back to your restaurant.

Popmenu Answering understands many varieties of this question including "Speak to a Manager", "Speak to an Operator", "Speak to a Person".

If you are interested in a Popmenu Answering demo, reach out to

success@popmenu.com today!

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