Popmenu's platform was designed to help modern restaurants own their entire online presence. With the Popmenu platform, we give you the power to communicate with guests through our full suite of marketing tools, including email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to reach and engage with your customers and below we've outlined several ways you can maximize your email marketing tool to really connect with your guests.

How To Design for Conversion

The act of design is sometimes thought of as simply making something aesthetically pleasing. Although that is part of it, there is so much more that goes into design. For email, your design should guide the reader to the action you want them to take. Think of your email as a journey and your design as the tour guide. The design’s job is to make sure the reader sees all the important information so that they are ready for the grand finale: the call-to-action.

Step 1: Identify the Action

What action do we want the reader to take from this email? Do we want them to order online? RSVP to an event? Check out the menu? Whatever our goal is should be the center of the design and copywriting.

Step 2: Design your Email with Purpose

Let’s say our goal is to get the reader to place an online order. What are some reasons the reader may have to not place an online order? Some of these reasons could be:

  • “I don’t know how to do it”

  • “I’m not familiar with the menu.”

  • “I’m not sure that I’m craving that kind of food right now.”

Start your email by addressing these reasons so that the reader is prepared to take the action you want them to take. Check out the video walkthrough below for an example of how to do this!

⭐️ Video Walkthrough of Design Process ⭐️

Now that you’ve learned the secret behind copywriting and design for email, check out these quick tips that will boost deliverability and overall success:

  • Your email should be made up of 60% text and 40% images. This ratio is proven to be the one that just works! It has enough imagery to keep the reader engaged and enough text to make sure your email stays far away from the Spam folder.

  • Make that call-to-action button pop! Make your button at the end of the email a color that contrasts with everything else. This makes it pop out to the reader and more likely for them to end up on your site!

  • Design for mobile. The majority of people check their email on their phones. On average, people look at an email for just 10 seconds, meaning the experience must be optimized for us to win that click-through to your site. Always send yourself a preview of the email and open it on your mobile device to make sure everything is showing up correctly.

  • Your subject line matters. It should be about 65 characters and attention-grabbing. Make your email stand out from the other 15 emails your customers will have probably received that day.

Step 3: Make Sure it’s ADA Compliant

In email marketing, ADA compliance is essential due to laws that were created to make the internet an accessible place for everyone. 2.2 billion people in the world have some form of vision impairment and that’s a lot of people who would be potentially missing out on your emails.

Check out these quick tips to be ADA Complaint every time:

  • Content must be assembled in logical reading order (left to right, top to bottom).

  • Divide the text into sections (heading, subheading, body) so that screen readers can understand the hierarchy of the content.

  • Use alt text with images to help those using screen readers understand what the image is. Alt text should be descriptive.

  • Include contrasts between background colors and text colors.

Let’s look at an example of an ADA compliant email:

Step 4: Let’s See How We Did!

The best way to consistently improve email performance is by using data and past learnings to inform our future decisions. Through the Popmenu platform, you can easily track metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate! If you’re wondering why these metrics matter, check it out below:

  • Open Rate – The percentage of those who opened your email. This metric tells you how effective your subject line and teaser text is.

  • Click-Through-Rate – The percentage of those who clicked a link or button in your email. This metric tells you how effective your design and copy were in convincing the reader to convert.

  • Unsubscribe Rate – The percentage of those who unsubscribed from your list after receiving your email. This tells you what percentage of people aren’t interested in the content you are sharing or that you’re emailing them too frequently.

As shown in the image below, you can easily find these metrics in your Popmenu dashboard!

An easy way to track success is by setting KPIs. A KPI is a key performance indicator. Basically, they are goals we set to track whether our emails are performing in the way we planned. Check out these examples of KPIs:

  • Open Rate – 19% on average for February sends

  • Click-Through-rate – 1.3% on average for February sends

  • Unsubscribe Rate – 0.28% on average for February sends

By setting these KPIs, we are saying that we expect our emails sent in February to have this performance on average. KPIs should be achievable but push you to improve from the previous month. They also need to be backed up by a plan that will help you reach them. Look at these real-life examples of plans:

  • Last month, email subject lines that had emojis performed 80% better for Pop’s Pizza, so we will include emojis in all subject lines to reach our goal of a 19% open rate.

  • The email we sent sharing a coupon for $2 off had a click-through rate of 2%, so we are going to send 2 emails with promotions this month to reach our goal of a 1.3% click-through rate.

  • We saw an unsubscribe rate of 0.5% last month and we sent a total of 4 emails. This month, we’re going to send 2 emails to reach our goal of an unsubscribe rate of 0.28%.

Once the period has passed that you chose for your KPIs and plan, it’s time to track success! This involves looking at the performance of your emails and comparing them to the KPIs you set. Based on how you did, you can create a new plan and KPIs for next month!

PRO TIP: Use an excel sheet to keep track of performance month by month. This will help you see trends and make the best marketing decisions in the future!

Popmenu Success Stories 🚀

Through Boost, one of Popmenu’s marketing solutions, clients are supported by an expert marketing consultant who applies all the best practices we’ve talked about today in their clients’ email strategy! Check out some of the results:

🍨 Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Las Vegas – 71.5% open rate & 29.5% click-through-rate

🐷 Charlie & Jakes BBQ – 50.5% open rate, 6.4% click-through-rate & 1.8% unsubscribe rate

🌮 Masa Taqueria Cantina – 52.7% open rate, 4.4% click-through-rate & 1.1% unsubscribe rate

These restaurants have found major success based on the industry averages shown below:

Open Rate


Unsubscribe Rate




Feeling overwhelmed with your email marketing strategy? Check out Boost today!

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