What is a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile, also known as your Google My Business (GMB) profile is a simple tool for business owners to take control of their online presence across Google.

This tool allows you to manage your local and regular search presence, and your Google Maps search presence. Your Google Business Profile allows you to tell your restaurant's story by making edits to attributes and offering within your Google My Business profile!

Why you need to Manage your Google Business Profile

On the web when you query a search for anything, where do you start? According to data, Google accounts for nearly 88% percent* of Americans preferred search engine tools.

Local searches for your restaurant could show up on customers' search based on relevance, distance, and prominence. Having a fully fleshed out Google business profile can support your business in being identified higher in Google search rankings.

Don’t worry, we got you covered at the very basic what makes a good Google Business Profile. Before you take actionable steps, review How to Get the Most Out of Google. If you are ready to take control of your Google My Business profile, follow the steps below!

How to take ownership of your Google Business Profile

Popmenu's Google My Business integration makes it easy for you to control your Google listing right in your Popmenu dashboard. Before you can move forward with integrating your GMB profile into Popmenu, you need to have ownership of your Google Business Profile. If you don’t have ownership or need to recall with what email you took ownership of your GMB profile. You can follow the steps in this support article to retrieve access – How to Verify Your Google Business Profile.

Once you have verified or have access to your Google Business Profile, you can integrate it right into the Popmenu dashboard. To understand how this is done follow the step in How to Connect Google Business Profile support article.

How to Elevate Your Popmenu and Google Business Profile Experience

As we stated in How to Get the Most Out of Google, Google rewards websites that consistently update their webpages by bolstering their search rankings or SEO. Google looks at 3 critical relevance, distance, and prominence and there are a handful of built-in tools right in your Popmenu dashboard to support you in being seen higher in your customer’s searches.

  1. Updating Attributes

Once you have integrated your GMB profile into Popmenu, you can add or edit attributes, the chance of your restaurant showing up in more specific search queries increases. This keeps your restaurant relevant and allows your guest to know what unique amenities your restaurant offers, for example – kids dining options, covid safety measures, outdoor seating, or pets allowed.

Once your GMB is integrated into your Popmenu dashboard, you can update your attributes...

  • Login to my.popmenu.com

  • Select Dashboard

  • Select Google Publishing

  • Select Edit

  • Select Attributes drop down and update each attribute by selecting edit and applying changes to each. Then click Save.

  • When finished select Publish Now at the top of the page.

Integrating your Google Business profile not only supports your business with local searches. It also helps as a catalyst to really make the Popmenu platform an all-in-one solution when it comes to taking control of your digital branding.

2. Editing Location and Hours

Updating your location and hours is such a simple task that at times goes unnoticed. Keeping your location address, hours, and special holiday hours relevant supports local searches and drives traffic to your website. Edit Location Name and Address and How to Update the Hours on Your Website will update automatically in your Google Business Profile!

3. Responding to Reviews

Popmenu gives your customers the opportunity to leave reviews right on your website, but did you know your Google reviews are also automatically funneled into your Popmenu dashboard. Accepting and responding to your reviews, especially positive ones can help your restaurant's prominence in local search rankings.

You can manage all your reviews right within the Popmenu dashboard. To understand where you can view your reviews, check out – Managing Online Reviews. Where you manage reviews is also where you can reply to your Google Business reviews! Reply to Google Reviews in Popmenu support article outlines how to respond to reviews left from Google right within Popmenu!

A big part of responding to reviews is owning them and coming out on top. Responding to reviews is a great way to stay connected to your community while supporting the rankings of your website with Google!

Set Up Order Links and Online Ordering through Google

Your restaurant’s web presence on Popmenu is a one-stop shop for customers to place online orders for pickup and delivery. Why not give them the option to order from your restaurant right where your customers start their search? With our Google My Business integration and Stripe payment options, Popmenu can be your main ordering option right in Google searches!

Let’s start with your Google My Business integration...

Pro Tip: Copy and Paste your menu and order online links from your website before following the steps below. Go to your website's menu page on your live website and copy the URL from the address bar:

  • Login to my.popmenu.com

  • Select Dashboard

  • Select Google Publishing

  • Select Edit

  • Select 3. Page URLs drop down and update edit URL Links by selecting edit and applying changes to each. Then click Save.

  • When finished select Publish Now at the top of the page.

That’s not all...

Did you know adding online ordering to your Google Business profile can increase your searchability by 66 percent?! As a restaurant owner, you can grab the attention of more customers, while possibly generating more revenue for your business. Adding your Popmenu online ordering link as the preferred ordering partner in Google can increase traffic to your website. To take a deeper dive and integrate ordering partners into your GMB profile – follow this link: How to Add Popmenu to Google Ordering Partners.

Troubleshooting Google My Business

Sometimes your Google My Business integration may warn you of errors, duplications, and pending updates. Popmenu’s dashboard will leave a marker(icon) indicating if the integration requires you to take action. Troubleshooting your Google My Business can be a few simple steps, but we still think you may need help – utilizing the Troubleshooting GMB article may support you in your efforts.

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