To quickly send a text with an offer for special occasion or to boost online orders for a month. Simply create a custom code for your online order offer.

Step 1: Create your offer

  • Open the Communication tab of your Popmenu Dashboard

  • Go to Offers and click Add Offer

  • Select an Online Ordering Offer

  • Decide if you'll add your offer to a menu, menu section, or a single dish

  • On the third page of your offer setup screen, select Dynamic Message and fill out your preferences – dollar amount or percentage, expiration date and minimum order amount

  • In order to create an offer code, you must select multiple use

  • Click on Create Offer Code and pick a custom code, for example “May22” to celebrate spring in 2022

  • Select your optional Redemption Limit. This will be the total number of times a code can be used

  • Follow the prompts in the next screen to add verbiage to the offer and save

  • You offer will appear in the Ready section of your offers screen

  • Click on Activate to set the offer live.

This offer can be added to emails, social media, even print due to the easy-to-use code. Below we show you how to add your code to a text message.

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Step 2. Send your Text

  • In your Communications tab go to Text Messages

  • Select New Text Message and start writing your text

  • Make sure to mention the offer code.

  • Click send and you are done!

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