With all the "noise" across our social media feeds, it's difficult to get customers to stop and take notice. In this article, we'll provide a few unique tactics to get your customers to stop scrolling and start engaging!

What about a social post catches our eye and makes us want to comment/share/like? More often than not, the post touches on one or more of these four core themes:

  • It Teaches Us Something: This post gives us a backstory about the restaurant, humanizes the brand, and in return, we learn more about the business.

Post Example:

  • It's Entertaining: Don't be afraid to have fun! Your customers want to laugh, smile, and reminisce with you. Tell jokes and be "punny" (if it fits with your brand), play into social trends, and connect on a personal level with the people who frequent your establishment.

  • Post Example:

  • It's Inspiring: Consider partnering with a local charity, community group, or church for a fundraiser or special event. We're all looking for a way to give back, especially if we're supporting our local organizations.

Post Example:

  • It's Informative: This post relays relevant info about the business, keeping customers "in the loop", especially when it's time to decide where to go for a meal.

Post Example:

In addition to the engaging content above, remember to add hashtags when relevant! Branded hashtags, or custom hashtags that are unique to your brand or business, create awareness and you can even encourage your customers to use these when sharing on social about your restaurant. Hashtags also organize your content and may help you gain visibility among a different audience searching for key terms that pertain to your business!

As a final tip, it's always best practice to engage with the customers who take the time to comment on a social post. Respond, start a dialogue, and keep the conversation flowing. You never know who's behind the keyboard. 😄

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