Your navigation bar is how your guests will find all the different pages on your website.

  1. Adding a Link to your navigation bar

  2. Editing your navigation bar

Adding a Link to your Navigation Bar

Click into any page

  • Go to your dashboard > Website

  • Open the Web Builder and click into any of your pages

  • Click Nav which appears at the top of your page section list.

  • Click Links

  • You'll see a list of links that are already in your navigation.

  • To add a link, click +Link

  • To add a dropdown menu of links, click +Dropdown

  • In Link Display Text, type the name that you want to show up in your navigation bar

  • Under Link URL choose the type of link you're creating. Often this will be Page where you can select the Popmenu Page that you want the navigation link to go to

  • If you choose to Feature the link, it will show as highlighted in your navigation bar and bring extra attention to the link

Editing your Navigation Bar

To reorder your navigation links:

  • You can drag and drop these links to reorder them by holding down on the six dots to the left of the Link name.

To delete a navigation link:

  • Click on the link and click Delete at the bottom left corner of the editing screen

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