Your pages are each made up of sections. In this article you'll learn:

  1. Adding a Section

  2. Editing a Section

  3. Types of Sections

  4. Navigating Sections

Adding a Section

  • Go to your dashboard

  • Click on Website > Web Builder

  • Click into the page where you'd like to add a section.

  • On the page, click Add Section where your new section will go.

  • On the right side bar, choose the section type.

  • If there are multiple layouts of a section type, you'll have more than one option. Click on the section layout that you'd like to add.

Editing a Section

  • Click on a Page in the Web Builder

  • Your sections are listed under the name of the page

  • Each page begins with the Header Image

  • With each section you can click on it in the editing bar on the right or within the live preview of the page.

  • Then edit the content of your section. This will be autosaved.

  • Finally, hit Publish whenever you're ready to set this live!

Types of Sections

  • Announcement

  • Calendar Event

  • Custom

  • Ecwid Shop

  • Facebook Feed

  • Foodtec

  • Form

  • Formsite

  • Gallery

  • Gift Card

  • Location

  • Location Search

  • Map

  • Menu Multi-Column

  • Online Ordering

  • Powr Instagram Feed

  • Press

  • Review

  • Text Box

  • Tripleseat Form

  • Video

  • YouTube Video

Navigating Sections

  • Use the six dots to the right of the section to drag and drop the section

  • Or, you can use the editing drawer when you hover over the live preview of the section and click the up or down button to move the section up and down the page.

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