Reporting for Popmenu online ordering and OrderNerd Third-Party ordering providers can now be seen all in one place!

To pull reporting for online orders:

From here you can pull the data and criteria needed from online ordering reports

  • Select the Order Type dropdown

    • For OrderNerd and Popmenu Online Ordering select Pickup and Delivery

  • Select the Location dropdown and choose the location you would like to pull data for.

  • Choose a Specific Month and Interval from the dropdowns.

  • Select the Fullfillment Type dropdown

    • Choose from Pickup, Delivery, or All

  • Select the Ordering Platform dropdown.

    • Choose from Popmenu, All 3rd parties, Specific 3rd Party platform, or All.

How to Pull a Report:

After the steps above:

  • Select a Day/Week time interval

  • Select Export CSV

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