On most third-party platforms customers can indicate whether or not they would like utensils with their online order. This customer preference will automatically show up on your third-party orders within Popmenu.

OrderNerd powered by Popmenu also offers a default setting when a customer's preference is not chosen.

Setting up the default utensil preference:

  • Login to my.popmenu.com

  • Select Ordering

  • Select Ordering Settings

  • Select Settings

  • On the top tabs select Integrations

  • Select Manage OrderNerd Integrations

  • In the OrderNerd integration page select Settings

  • Scroll down to Default Utensil Preference in the Orders section

  • Select your preference and Save

Viewing the customer utensil preference:

When an order comes into your my.popmenu.com Dashboard, or Popmenu for Owners application, you can select the order and view if a customer requested for utensils under Special Instructions:

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