Videos bring the action to your web pages and are an awesome way to present content to your website visitors. You can add videos from Youtube or Upload your own video content.

Here's how to add video content to your web pages:

  • In your dashboard, Click Website > Pages > Add Section

  • Under Media, select if you'd prefer to upload a Video File or Link to directly a Youtube Video:

Uploading a Video File

  • Select Video to upload a custom video with automatically generated caption. Please note, supported file types are .mp4 or .mov.

  • Add an Optional Heading and Content to accompany your Video > Save

Uploading a Youtube Video

  • Select the section titled: Third-Party: Youtube Video

  • We will need to locate the Video Embed URL, which is found on Youtube.

Locate the video you want to embed on Youtube, Click Share

  • Then Click <> Embed

  • Insert the Embed URL > Save

  • The video will embed directly on your website:

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