About Text Boxes

Text boxes are the building blocks of your website. Getting comfortable with adding and editing text boxes will take you one step closer to mastering your online presence and increasing your SEO.

Table of Contents:

Text Box Example:


Creating a Text Box

  • Select a Page > Click Add Section

  • Choose your Text Box style:

Text Box Content

  • Fill out the Section Heading and Subheading* (The Subheading is Optional)

  • Populate the Section Heading and Content:

Adding a Button:

Buttons are easy to add in your text box section. Buttons are a great way to add interactivity to your website.

  • Link Display Text: Displays the button text

  • Link URL: Copy and paste your link so when visitors click on the button it directs them to the desired place

Adding a Photo:

If you'd like to add a photo, click Add Photo or Swap photo (if a photo is already loaded)

  • Important: Add a description of the photo to ensure ADA compliance

  • Choose the Photo Position

Example of-- Photo Position: Left; Text Content: Right


Example of-- Photo Position: Right; Text Content: Left


Example of-- Photo Position: Top; Text Content: Center

Example of-- Photo Position: Bottom, Text Content: Center

Content Settings

Font Alignment:

Choose the way your text will be aligned in your text box.

Font Color:

Click on the color picker to select your color.

Text Box Width:

Choose if you want the width of your text box to be:

  • 100 % = Largest Width

  • 75% = Mid-range Width

  • 50% = Smallest Width

The padding adds white space within your text box section. To increase the spacing between your photos, increase the padding number.

Background Settings

If you want to tweak Text Box Section Settings and make changes to the background color or design of the Text Box, click Background.

Background Color:

The default Background Color will take the same style of the website unless you specifically update the style.

To update the background color click on the color picker and enter a HEX value or choose a color.

Background Image:

The Background Image section allows you to add a textured background to the section. Click here to learn more about updating background colors and textures to sections.

Image Setting and Background Effect add different styles to enhance the feel and aesthetic of the Text Box on the webpage. We suggest playing around with the Image settings and background effects to see which styles you like best.

Clicking "Enable" on the page makes it viewable on your website. Unchecking "Enable" makes the section temporarily invisible on your website. You will see it grayed out on the backend, and it will not display on the live website.

Advanced Settings

The Accessible Text-Only Alternative is for your website guests who need the contents of the page read/translated to them aloud by accessibility programs.

Preview Page Updates

Click "Preview" at the top right-hand side of the page next to Publish.

When you're ready to go, hit "Publish"!

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