Adding Custom HTML allows you to add custom code and styles to content on your web page.

Adding Custom HTML to a Page

  • In your dashboard, Click Website > Web Builder > Select Page

  • Scroll to where you'll add your section, hover over the page, and click Add Section

  • Under section type choose Custom and then click Custom HTML

  • Add a Section Heading and then open the Text Editor

  • Click on the <> button to add custom scripts or codes to your Custom HTML text box

  • Make sure to Save your Custom HTML when you're done

  • And click Publish to set your content live on your site.

Styling Content in your Custom HTML

Click the buttons on top of the custom HTML text box to add additional style to the content inside of the text box in the following order:

✔ Font

✔ Font Size

✔ Font Color

✔ Font Style: Bold, Italic, Underline

✔ Paragraph formatting

✔ Emojis

✔ Add Custom Links

✔ Add Image (s)

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