Direct your customers to order online with Popmenu through their Google Search. If your restaurant has online ordering for pickup and delivery through Popmenu, your customers can place an order directly from your Google business profile!

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Clients can now search your restaurant on Google and choose to Order Pickup or Delivery.

They will be able to see all your order partners and select your Popmenu online ordering URL.

If you have the Stripe payment integration customers can place an order directly on Google. This Order will be injected directly into your Popmenu Dashboard!

Stripe and Popmenu Online Ordering integrated with GMB

Clients using Stripe payment provider for Popmenu online ordering can now automatically integrate their Popmenu online ordering to their Google Business page!

To Link Stripe Payment Provider

  • Login to you’re account.

  • Select Ordering

  • Select Payment Providers

  • Select + Connect New Payment Provider

  • Select Connect Stripe Account

  • Log in with Stripe Credentials

Enable Stripe Payment on Google Ordering

  • Login to your account.

  • Select Ordering

  • Select Ordering Settings

  • Select Settings

  • On the top tab select Advanced

  • Under Google Food Ordering enable Allow Customers to Place Orders From Google

How to setup Online Ordering through Google

  • On the left menu panel select Food ordering

  • In the Set up your “Order online” button section enable Button Toggle On/Off

How to add your Popmenu Online Ordering link into Google Ordering Providers

  • Go to your restaurant’s website.

  • Select the link to your online ordering and Copy your Popmenu online Ordering URL.

  • In the left menu, select Food ordering.

  • Select Add a Custom Link

  • Paste your online ordering URL.

  • Popmenu manual URL integration will not be able to check out directly from Google. However your guests will be directed to your Popmenu website to order directly from you!

How to select preferred order partners in GMB

  • Under “Choose your preferred providers” If you have multiple ordering platforms, select a preferred pickup or delivery provider.

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