Whether you're already utilizing Popmenu’s Online Ordering, Ordering Events, and OrderNerd features, or want to get started so that you can drive more revenue and make your website an online ordering destination, we have created some helpful resources for you below.

1.) Online Ordering – Not every guest will dine-in, but you can still serve every guest.

A streamlined ordering process serves guests your most up-to-date menus, mouthwatering photos, and specials. Plus, if you’re interested in setting up online ordering, but need it to work with your POS, we also offer an integration with Toast and Square order injection capabilities.

Your Introductory Guide to Popmenu Online Ordering
How to Manage Your Online Orders
Online Ordering 101 Fees and Reporting
Activate Your Online Ordering Marketing
How to Input an Online Order into your POS
Configuring the Popmenu and Toast Integration
Popmenu and Square FAQ

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2.) Ordering Events – Spread the word about your upcoming party food “spread.”

Whether it's building gameday packages or limited-edition holiday meals, you can create a special menu, highlight it on your website, send email/SMS communications to drive orders, and keep track of order demand and availability.

Ordering Events Set-up
Ordering Events: Driving Revenue for Special Occasions
Update Your Site for the Holidays

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3.) OrderNerd powered by Popmenu - Clear the clutter and streamline your online order operations.

During this holiday and event season, enjoy increased orders and accuracy with a decrease in labor costs by managing all your third-party delivery orders in one place.

Get Started with OrderNerd Powered by Popmenu
How to Connect a Third-Party Provider
OrderNerd Powered by Popmenu FAQ

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Still have questions on how to set up or maximize using these features? Our client success team is always available for one-on-one consultations. You can sign up for a time to meet with us, or you can contact us with any questions at success@popmenu.com!

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