The Square integration is automatically included with an OrderNerd subscription. Current Popmenu Pro clients can purchase OrderNerd powered by Popmenu by contacting their sales representative!

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What are the advantages of the Square integration?:


Given the large volume of orders that come in from multiple third-party marketplaces, manually entering every order into the POS is extremely slow and time consuming. This creates a bottleneck and causes delays in orders being sent to the kitchen, which means orders are less likely to be ready on time.


Not only does manual data entry occur slowly but also introduces the opportunity for human error and results in mistakes on orders more often, which leads to more customer complaints and refunds.

Labor cost

Many restaurants will either employ a person whose sole responsibility is to enter third party orders into the POS system or add this responsibility to other staff members, reducing their ability to perform other tasks. Both of these scenarios increase the owner’s labor costs. At $10/hour and 40 hours a week, that's $20,000 a year in labor savings that can be achieved by using this automation.

This integration streamlines operations, reduces costs and most importantly, allows our restaurants to provide a better experience for their customers.

How it Works:

  1. Your customer places an order through GrubHub, UberEats, Slice, ChowNow, or DoorDash.

  2. The order comes into your Square POS terminal through the OrderNerd integration and is automatically accepted.

  3. Your order will print following the settings that you have in your Square POS.

Setup Requirements:

  • Restaurant must have Square POS

  • Restaurant must have an OrderNerd powered by Popmenu subscription

To set this up, please contact your Onboarding Consultant or Client Success Manager.


Are menu changes made in Popmenu?

No. Menu changes are made in your third party providers for those menus.

Do I need to continue to use the Popmenu for Owners app to receive orders?

No. Your Popmenu orders as well as third party orders will show in your Square POS.

Will the orders update my inventory of items in Square?

No, inventory will not be updated with this integration.

Will the name of the third party show on my printed tickets from Square?

Yes. "GrubHub" or whichever third party you have received an order from will show at the top of your printed tickets out of Square.

How will the modifier names show up in Square?

You can choose! There is a setting in Popmenu under Ordering > Ordering Settings > Location > Integrations > Include modifier category names when syncing orders to Square POS.

If you turn this setting on, your orders will show with the category name in front of the modifier, an example of this is below:

Include modifier categories

Do not include modifier categories



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