For the Popmenu Answering Add-On or Popmenu Max Subscriptions, here are some commonly asked questions:

Who can get Answering?

Answering is an add-on service for any Popmenu client. It also comes included as part of the Max Product.

Do I have to have Popmenu Answering on all the time? Can I choose when I have it on?

In the Settings area under Front of House, you can decide whether to have Answering 24 hours a day or just during non-business hours. We recommend keeping your Popmenu Answering on 24/7 so that you never miss a call!

Is there an option if guests want to speak with a live person at some point during the call?

Yes, you can customize the phone number to which you want guests forwarded should they wish to speak with a person.

Can multiple callers call at the same time?

Yes! Your Popmenu Answering number will have hundreds of lines so it's virtually impossible for a customer's call to not be picked up.

Can I change the Answering Assistance Voice?

Now, you can choose from 4 voice options and 3 tone speeds within your Popmenu Answering settings.

Can I record custom messages that guests will hear when they call?

Yes, you have the option of creating custom greeting and closing messages. The answering service will always ask "How may I help" after the custom or default greeting. You can also record a separate greeting for closed hours under your Answering Settings > Custom Greeting.

How do I direct a guest to online ordering or to make a reservation during the call?

For online ordering, guests are sent a link to your website whenever we detect a caller is inquiring about placing an order. The same for reservations; guests are sent a link to your site for info on reservations.

What types of questions can the AI system answer?

The system can answer basic questions about your restaurant like; What are your hours? Where are you located? Can I place an online order?

It can also answer basic yes/no pre-set questions based on your Popmenu account and Google My Business profile.

Additionally, Answering now offers the ability to customize how the bot responds to caller inquiries based on topic. Within Answering Settings, you’ll now see a new ‘custom responses by category’ section with a list of 13 categories. These responses can be updated with custom responses and actions.

Where does the automated AI system get its answers?

Popmenu Answering aggregates its answers from your Popmenu website, Google My Business (GMB) Integration, and your manually set customized responses!

Can I decide what questions the automated AI system will provide answers to?

You can update customized responses for 13 pre-set categories, some with multiple updateable topics. In addition, we can use pre-set questions available through your Google My Business and Popmenu accounts. The AI system pulls these questions and respective answers that have been configured in GMB and

What are the 13 Custom Response Categories?

  • Accessibility ( Accessible entrances, parking, and seating)

  • Amenities & Accommodations (Details about the business)

  • Business Information (Hours, location, and identity)

  • Catering (Topics around catering)

  • Clientele (Customer attributes)

  • Customer Safety (COVID-19 protocols & other)

  • Dining Options (Nuances of the restaurant)

  • Entertainment & Events (Live music, televised sports & bar games)

  • Menu & Offerings (Food, beverages, and details about your menu items)

  • Ordering (Hours, locations, and identity)

  • Payments (Cash, check, or charge)

  • Seating Options (Outdoor, private dining)

  • Waitlist & Reservations

What Can I Customize?

Within each category, there are topics you can create customized responses to. You can create a customized message response – you can also add an action to the response. A type of action may be to send a customer to voicemail, to forward the customer to the restaurant’s original phone line to speak with a person, or to send a link.

Will I be able to respond to a question with a specific/custom text?

Yes, you can customize the response so that it will send a text with a specific website link or custom URL.

How long will onboarding and implementation take?

Our team can have you up and running in about three weeks!

How long will it take for my number to update in Google?

With our Google My Business (GMB) integration in, GMB updates may take up to 3 business days to change in Google. If after 3 business days your new Popmenu number doesn’t update in Google, please go into your GMB profile directly and change your phone number.

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