Popmenu Max subscription, you have access to an upgraded Waitlisting experience for your restaurant and guests! If your restaurant does not have Popmenu Max yet, you can find out more information by contacting our sales team at info@popmenu.com.

Advanced Waitlisting Advantages:

  • Create a seamless guest experience for your customers with a waitlist self-add option on your website.

  • Save staff time with an easy-to-use QR code that gives guests a quick process to add themselves to your waitlist when they arrive.

  • Turn tables over faster – Your restaurant guests receive a menu link when they're added to your waitlist.

Table of Contents:

How to Set Up Advanced Waitlisting

In your Popmenu Dashboard at my.popmenu.com:

  • Select Front of House

  • Click Settings

  • Make sure all configurations are correct and hit Save

  • Toggle Waitlist is On

Advanced Waitlist Settings:

  • Waitlist Toggle (on/off) – This toggle is the master switch to the specific location website waitlist.

  • QR Code Setup – Preview and Print QR code within Settings. Customers will use their mobile phone camera to scan the QR code, put in their party information, and be automatically placed on the waitlist.

  • SMS Menu – Enable “Send a menu link while guests are waiting” to send select menus your customers would receive when adding themselves to the waitlist.

  • Display - Choose settings for how your Waitlist displays on your website

    • Allow customers to self-add to the waitlist (QR Code and Website): When toggled on, this allows guests to add themselves to the waitlist.

    • Display the current wait time at the restaurant: This lets the guest know whether there is a wait at the restaurant, or not.

      • Enabled – waitlist form lets the guest know there is an active wait at the restaurant

      • Disabled – waitlist form shows no wait time on website

Add Waitlist to Website Navigation Bar

To add a waitlisting link to navigation bar at the header of your website – Go to your Popmenu Dashboard my.popmenu.com:

  • Select Website

  • Click Navigation

  • Select Add Link

  • Fill out link display text, i.e. “Waitlist” and select link URL Waitlist

  • Click Save

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  • Once you save adding a link and reload your webpage. The link at the header in your navigation bar will display your waitlist link.

Guests Self-guided Website Waitlist Journey

Guests can add themselves to the waitlist through your Popmenu website by:

  • Selecting Waitlist button on the Navigation Bar

  • Guests will be able to see wait times and fill out the corresponding information; name, party size, contact number, any notes.

  • Guests will receive a text message notifying them that they have been added to the waitlist, along with the menu link input in your setting.

  • Check-in is required for guests who add themselves from the website to check-in with a host upon arriving. This is a safeguard against customers who may add themselves and not show up, or are living further than the waitlist time frame.

  • Once the customer has been seated, they will receive a text message reminding them to leave reviews and pops of their experience.

How to Retrieve/Print Customer Facing QR Code

In your Popmenu Dashboard my.popmenu.com:

  • Select Front of House

  • Select Settings

  • Select Preview QR Code

  • Print QR code or save and print PDF at local print center for custom card stock.

Customers Self-guided QR code Waitlist Journey

  • Customers will scan the Waitlist QR Code with their mobile phone displayed at your restaurant.

  • Customers will then be directed to your waitlist page on your Popmenu website. They will fill out the corresponding information; name, party size, contact number, any notes.

  • Customers will receive a text message notifying them they have been added to the waitlist. As well, receive a menu link to look over as they wait to be seated.

  • When a customer is ready to be seated they will receive a text notifying them.

How to Add Customer to Waitlist Manually

In your Popmenu dashboard or Popmenu for Owners app

  • Select Front of House icon

  • Select Waitlist

  • Click Add to Waitlist

  • Fill out information of customer; name, party size, phone number, email address (optional), adjust quote time, and any notes about the party’s visit.

  • Select Add to Waitlist

  • Proceed to Notify with updates or Seat guest depending where they are on your waitlist.

  • To extend wait times in your my.popmenu.com dashboard, select Front of House > select Waitlist > adjust “Average Wait Time” with “+” and “-” buttons.

  • If there is no longer a wait, you can simply adjust the time to the minimum amount of time or go to your Popmenu Dashboard, select Front of House > select Settings > toggle off “Waitlist is on”.

Remove Party from Waitlist

In your Popmenu Dashboard or Popmenu for Owners app:

  • Select the customers’ name > select “Remove Party”

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