Popmenus' online offers allow you the ability to create unique or generic online offer codes to incentivize your customers for online ordering. To use Popmenu's online offer codes with Toast, you will need to create a discount in the Toast System. You only need to do this once! You can then create as many offers as you'd like for the future. This allows your customers to receive your designated offer amount in online ordering. If you have never used Popmenu's online ordering offers, check out this article on how to set up your first offer!

How to Create a Discount in Toast for Popmenu's Online Offer

  • Log in to your Toast back end

Select the Payments section

  • From the Comps and promos section, select Discounts and promo codes.

Discounts and Promo Codes Choice.png
  • Select + Add a Discount

  • Name your discount Popmenu Offer

  • Select discount type Open $ off

  • Select Applies to Entire Check

  • Press Save and Publish

All Popmenu offers (including % discount or $ off) appear in Toast POS as a 'Popmenu discount’ with the corresponding %.

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