Introduction to Items

Menu items are now easier than ever to adjust in Popmenu with our brand new item layout that displays across the whole page:

The following article will walk through how to edit items on your menu:

How to Edit Item Prices

Click on the item you want to edit the price on. Under General there are 3 options for displaying item prices: Amount, Custom, and Multiple.

Diving Into the Price Options

To get started, select the price display that matches the requirements of the item:


Displays a single price for an item:


Displays prices that are non-numerical for example Market Price or MP

Multiple Prices

Allows you to include multiple sizes with their corresponding price options

How to Edit Item Details

Update Item Name and Details

Under the details, section update the item name and description.

Featured Items + Pops
Feature items on your menu by checking the "Make this a featured item" highlighting it on the menu.

Allow guests to Pop or like items by checking the "Allow this item to be poppable"

Item Tags

Item tags identify if an item on your menu has special characteristics such as being Gluten-free, Vegan, or Brand new. Learn more about the power of item tags here.

How to Add Photos to Items

One or more photos can be added to items to show photos right on your menu. Click on the Camera icon to add photos from your photo library into the item card to display on your menu.

When the "Display photo on menu" option is checked that means that the photo will automatically display on the menu when guests view the menu.

You can choose to add photos to items but display the photos on the menu until a guest clicks on the item. A camera icon will display on the item indicating that there is a photo available encouraging guests to engage.

How to Add Item Modifiers

Editing modifiers will happen under the modifiers tab.

Modifiers allow you to add your modifiers or groups of modifiers to items that help guests build their online orders. Learn more about preparing items for online orders using modifiers and shared modifiers.

How to Manage Item Reviews

All item reviews can be found under the reviews tab.

How to see Item History

The item history including timelines on updates to names, prices, and more can be found under the History tab

How to see which Menus the item Appears On

You can see all of the menus that this item is featured on across your website under the Appears On Tab

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