Your guests can place online orders through your Google My Business profile! Google empowers your customers to discover your restaurant and place an order in just a few clicks through the Popmenu Online Ordering platform.

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What to Know About Google Ordering!

  • All restaurants with Popmenu Online Ordering using Stripe can be opted in to receive orders from Google!

    1. If you do not have Popmenu online ordering and are interested, fill out this form to speak to a member of our team to get you started!

    2. If you'd like to opt out of Google Ordering, please email

  • Your restaurant needs to have Google My Business integrated with your Popmenu Website. If you do not have Google My Business integrated, review this resource to get started!

  • Google ordering is currently restricted to Popmenu restaurants using Stripe as your payment process and only works for pay online orders.

How it Works

  • Guests will find your restaurant's Google My Business listing while searching within Google. Guests can browse your menus, add items to their cart, and checkout, including providing payment!

  • All orders from Google Ordering will flow directly into Popmenu and are managed the same as orders received through your Popmenu website or app.

    • Online ordering menus, shared modifiers, item photos, ordering hours, and pickup/delivery are all shared with Google!

    • If you have multiple ordering menus, your menus are combined into one combined menu in Google. Guests can navigate between the menu sections and menu ordering hours are respected!

How to Set Up Google Ordering

  1. Update settings in Google My Business (GMB)

    1. Sign in to Google My Business.

      • If you have multiple locations, select the location you want to manage.

    2. In the left menu, select Food ordering.

      1. Under the “Your ‘Order online’ button,” turn the switch on or off.

      2. Under “Choose your preferred providers,” select Popmenu.

  2. Update settings in my.Popmenu

    1. Navigate to Ordering > Ordering Settings > Settings > Advanced

    2. Check the box next to "Allow customers to place orders from Google" and select Update Settings

Guest Communication

  • Guests will continue to receive the Popmenu automatic email notifications when their order is submitted, accepted, ready and/or rejected.

  • Guests cannot opt-in to receive text messages

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make Popmenu Online Ordering my first choice in Google Ordering?

Yes! You can make Popmenu your preferred online ordering provider in Google Ordering. Follow these instructions to set a preferred online ordering provider.

  • Does DoorDash work with Google Ordering?

Yes, DoorDash orders work similarly where DoorDash validates driver availability within the guest’s area pre-checkout and Popmenu requests the delivery post-checkout.

  • How often is my menu updated in Google?

New menu items will appear on the Google Ordering menu within 4-6 hours. Updates to existing menu items, like price or availability, will appear on Google within five minutes.

  • Are guests who order through Google Ordering captured as followers on my website?

No, currently there is no option within the Google Ordering flow to allow a guest to opt-in to become a follower.

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