Table of Contents

  1. Ordering Process

  2. Online Ordering Hours

  3. Cost & Fees

  4. Printing Online Orders

  5. Payments & Refunds

  6. Menu Management

  7. Gift Cards & Loyalty

  8. Popmenu Delivery with DoorDash

  9. Popmenu Ordering Events with Toast

Ordering Process

  • How does an order with the Popmenu & Toast integration work?

    • A guest makes an order on the restaurant’s website via Pop Ordering.

    • The Order is captured & auto accepted by Popmenu and is injected into Toast.

    • The ticket is printed according to your printer configurations in Toast

    • Toast processes the payment.

  • Will an order be automatically accepted with the integration?
    Yes, orders are automatically accepted in Popmenu and injected into Toast. Payment is collected via Toast as your payment processor.

  • Do I need to have a separate tablet for Popmenu's integration with Toast?

    No, Popmenu delivery orders are managed through your existing Toast system - orders will appear directly into your Toast stations.

  • I don't have Toast, but I'm interested in pricing!

    If you would like a demonstration of Toast, please fill out this form and Toast will be in contact to schedule with you!

Online Ordering Hours

  • How do I set my online ordering hours?

    Pickup and delivery hours for Popmenu online ordering can be configured to be controlled in Popmenu or Toast.

    • To manage your hours in Toast, turn on "Override Popmenu hours with Toast schedule" in > Ordering > Ordering Settings > Payment. Then follow these instructions to customize your online ordering hours in Toast.

Cost & Fees

  • Is there an additional cost to integrate Toast & Popmenu?

    There is no additional cost to your Popmenu subscription to use the integration with Toast! You will need to have access to Toast’s Integration Marketplace (also known as Partner Connect). Toast Customers need to pay $25 per month per location for the Toast Partner Integration subscription.

  • How does Popmenu collect the online ordering convenience fee?

    Popmenu charges a $1 online ordering convenience fee for pick up and delivery. Popmenu's DoorDash integration costs $6.99 per order plus the tips for the delivery driver. You will collect these fees from your customers and Popmenu will collect these funds from you via your billing payment method on file on either a daily or weekly basis

  • Can I stop paying for Toast Tab?

    To ensure success, we would recommend you cancel Toast Tab online once the Popmenu and Toast integration is live!

Printing Online Orders

  • Do my online orders automatically print to my printers?
    Yes, orders can be automatically printed when sent and accepted in Toast. Our team will do a test order with you to ensure you understand how orders appear in Toast.

  • Will future orders print right away?
    Toast controls and can be configured to print at different times for orders placed for a future date or time . They can print right away, or on a delay closer to the prep time!

    Learn more:

Payments & Refunds

  • How do I handle a refund?
    Refunds should be processed in Toast.

  • Can my customers pay by cash or credit card?

Popmenu supports both pay on pick up and pay by credit card. Delivery orders require customers to pay online for their orders.

  • How does Popmenu collect their online ordering convenience fee charged to customers?

Popmenu will charge your payment method on file on a daily or weekly basis to collect your guests online ordering convenience fee and any applicable DoorDash fees. For more information, click here to learn how you can view your invoices and change your payment method.

Menu Management

  • Where can I set specific hours for my menu? For example, if I want my brunch menu to only be available Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Configure your menu hours for online ordering available in Popmenu! Learn how to configure and adjust these hours in our article on configuring your menu hours.

  • If you remove an item in Toast does it remove the item on Pop Ordering?

    Items removed in Toast will be automatically removed from the online ordering experience in Popmenu within 10 minutes.

  • Why is my item from Toast not on Popmenu?

    Here are a few things you can check:

    • Make sure that you have waiting 10 minutes!

    • Ensure the item is associated with the same location in Popmenu & Toast

    • Ensure the item has inventory

    • Make sure the item has “Online orders: Ordering partners” selected. This setting is found when clicking on the specific item in Toast and scrolling down to “Properties”

  • What are the compatible pricing strategies?

    Popmenu supports 3 Toast pricing strategies: base price, menu specific price, and size price. Toast items set with any other price strategy (ex. 'Time Specific Price') will show a warning message in myPop and be disabled for ordering

  • Do photos need to be added in Popmenu or in Toast?

    At this time photos need to be added in Popmenu

  • Do dish tags (“Gluten Free”, “Vegan” etc.) need to be added in Popmenu or in Toast?

    These will not come over from Toast, so they need to be added in Popmenu

  • Can I connect my Toast account/menus to multiple concepts.

    Yes, Popmenu supports Multi-Concept Toast integrations. This is most useful for Food Halls, Ghost Kitchens, etc where you want to manage multiple restaurants/concepts that are in the same location within a single Toast account. At this time, concepts that are in separate locations are not currently supported by this and placing a single order across concepts is not supported.

Gift Cards & Loyalty

  • Can I use Toast gift cards with Pop Ordering?

    No. Toast gift cards do not work with Pop ordering currently. We hope to add this in the future!

  • Can I use Toast offers/promotions with Pop Ordering?

    No. Toast offers/promotions do not work with Pop ordering. We hope to add this in future versions.

  • Can I use Popmenu’s gift cards with the integration?

    Yes. Popmenu’s gift cards will work when integrated, though will be itemized as an open discount applied to the order.

  • Can I use Popmenu’s offers with the integration?

    Yes. Popmenu’s offers will work when integrated, though will be itemized as an open discount applied to the order.

  • Will Curbside ordering work with the integration?

    Toast will not have the same notifications around Curbside pickup. Car info will be passed along in the curbside part of the ticket in Toast, but text messages and notifications will not work. These will continue to work in Popmenu’s Ordering Dashboard only. It is recommended to keep Popmenu’s Dashboard up.

  • If a customer comes into the restaurant and signs up for the loyalty program at checkout, will that update automatically into the Popmenu follower's list?

    Currently, this will not automatically import into the Popmenu follower list. If you would like assistance in importing these customers into Popmenu, please reach out to

  • If the customer is checking out online through Pop Ordering, will my Toast loyalty program still work?

    Currently, Pop Ordering does not contribute or integrate with Toast's loyalty program.

    Popmenu Delivery with Doordash

  • How does Popmenu's integration with Doordash work?

    Read here to learn more about the lifecycle of an order with Popmenu's Doordash integration!

  • Does Popmenu notify guests of order status changes in Toast?

    Popmenu's Toast integration does not notify guests of order status changes in Toast. You can make order status updates in the Popmenu app, which will then communicate via email and/or text the order status updates to guests.

  • Do I receive DoorDash driver information in Toast.

    Driver information for DoorDash does not display in Toast. The order will say when the order needs to be delivered by as well as when they order needs to be ready for the Doordash driver to pick up.

  • How far does Popmenu's DoorDash deliver?

    DoorDash determines the delivery radius based on demand and driver availability. In most cases, this delivery radius usually comes out to about 5 miles.

  • Should I discontinue my storefront (app) relationship with DoorDash or Grubhub?

    Not necessarily! You can continue any existing storefront agreement with third-party apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, UberEats and Postmates. These are still viable channels for reaching new guests!

  • Where can I cancel a DoorDash order?

    DoorDash orders will need to be cancelled through the Popmenu dashboard. Log into > Ordering > Pickup & Delivery. Click on the order and change the status to Rejected.

Popmenu Ordering Events and Toast

  • How do a client's order for an Ordering Event appear in Toast?

    Orders placed by your guests via a Popmenu ordering event inject as future/scheduled online orders within Toast. You can view these scheduled orders from the 'Future Checks tab' found within the 'Pending Orders' section of Toast POS. Scheduled orders hold within Toast and auto-fire when the schedule pickup date/time approaches. If you've never set up an ordering event, learn how by following this support article.

  • How do guests pay to purchase an order for an Ordering event?

Since Toast is your payment provider, guests will pay via credit card via your Popmenu online ordering event. You will receive payouts for these orderings based on your Toast payment provider payout schedule.

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