You may have items, sections or modifiers in Toast, which you do not want available for online ordering. Read on to learn how!

Making Menus, Groups or Items Visible / Invisible for Online Ordering

  • Navigate to the Menus section in Toast's back-end using the navigation on the left side of your screen and select Edit Menus.

  • Select the menu you would like to adjust. For this example, we will select the Food.

  • Scroll down to Properties in the Advanced Properties section and select where you would like to make the menu available in the Visible To section. Deselect online orders: Ordering Partners to disable an item for online ordering in Popmenu.

Note: The POS option must be selected in order to enable the Kiosk option.

  • Select Save and Publish Now to finalize your changes.

  • Repeat the steps above to manage visibility settings for Menus, Menu Groups, menu Items, and Modifier Groups.

  • Toast Support is available if you have any difficulty!

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