Popmenu online ordering collects an online ordering convenience fee from your customers. To assure this fee is documented in Toast reports and collected appropriately, learn how to create a Service Charge fee for pickup, delivery, offers and/or gift cards.

Follow these steps to add a service charge or fee:

  • From Toast's back-end, navigate to Payments from the left-hand side of the homepage then scroll down and select Service Charges.

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  • Next, select the +Add button to add a service charge.

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Fill out the following fields:

  • Name: Name the service charge Popmenu.

    • *Delivery: If you also want to use Popmenu's DoorDash integration or in-house delivery feature, you will need to create a separate service charge fee called, "Popmenu Delivery". Follow the same steps below!

  • Charge Type: Select Open Amount

  • Apply After Amount Threshold: Leave at $0

  • Assign to Check Owner (Gratuity)?: Set to No, the Popmenu convenience fee will NOT be charged as a Gratuity to the Server, this will instead be included in the Net Sales for the day.

  • Taxed?: If Yes, the Service Charge will be included in the taxable amount of the check. If No, the Service Charge will NOT be included in the taxable amount of the check.

  • *Delivery?: Select No

  • *Takeout?: Select No

  • *Dine In?: Select No

Then, press Save and Publish

Popmenu Digital Gift cards and Online Offers

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