The "Default Time to Prepare" of 30 minutes gives customers a 30-minute time between when they order and the pickup ETA. Popmenu gives you the ability to customize how long preparation will take for average orders. Adjust the "Default Time to Prepare" to increase or decrease the average prep time, so the estimated delivery or pickup time is accurate for customers.

Keep in mind, the delivery time for in-house delivery is an additional 30 minutes. So if you add a prep time of 15 minutes, a pickup time will be 15 minutes from when the customer orders. A delivery time would be 45 minutes from when the customer orders.

Adjusting Online Order Preparation Time:

  1. In the dashboard, click Ordering > Ordering Settings > "Settings"

2. In the order settings, select “Advanced”

3. Find the "Default Time to Prepare Food". Change the time from 30 minutes to the average prep time your kitchen needs to have food ready.

4. Click “Update Settings” to save the changes.

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