You can host special online ordering events on Popmenu! You can choose menus for the event, put a limit on the number of orders, set a cutoff date for all orders, and collect all payments online before the event. Read further to learn how to set up the event and market this to your guests!

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How it Works

An ordering event allows you to collect online orders from a special menu for fulfillment on a specific date. For example, you may want to:

  • Offer a special pickup menu for Mothers’ Day

  • Require that all orders to be submitted by the Thursday before

  • Require orders to be picked up between noon and 2pm on Mothers’ Day

  • Accept a maximum of 50 orders

  • Require a minimum order amount of $75

Ordering events help you host these types of events separately from your regular online ordering menu.

Creating an Event

  • Before you create an Event, make sure you have your menu prepared! You are required to select a menu that guests can order from for the event itself. If you haven't create a menu yet, learn how to create a menu by reading this how to article!

  • To create an ordering event, go to the Ordering tab in My Popmenu and select Ordering Events. Click New Event.

  • Next, provide the event details including name, description, the date of the event, the location of the event, and an optional photo. These items will be displayed on the web page that is automatically created for this ordering event.

  • Next, decide and provide details about how guests will order for the event:

    • Select the menus for the event. If you'd like to use a special menu, it must be created prior to creating the ordering event (learn how to create a menu here!).

    • Choose the date and time by when all orders must be placed. Once this date and time has passed, guests will no longer be able to place an order for this event. Note that ordering events do not impact the availability of regular online ordering.

    • Choose whether or not to limit the number of orders for this event.

    • Choose a minimum order amount for all orders (optional).

  • Lastly, specify when you'd like guests to arrive for the event. You can choose a specific time or choose a time window between which all guests should arrive.

    • The pickup time setting affects the available times when guests can pick up orders. When a time window is specified, guests will have the option of choosing a 15-minute time slot within the time window. For example, for a time window of 6:00pm to 7:00pm, guests can choose 6:00pm, 6:15pm, 6:30pm, 6:45pm, and 7:00pm. Note that more than one guest can choose the same time slot. Limiting time slots to a certain number of guests is under consideration for a future release (as of May of 2021).

Enabling an Event

Once an event has been created, it must be enabled so that orders can be placed.

  • To enable an event, toggle the Status switch on the Ordering Events page.

Marketing Your Event On Your Website

An active ordering event has a custom landing page through which guests access the event’s menus and place orders. This page must be linked on your website in order for your guests to find it. Ordering event links can be added to the website navigation, to announcements, or to any existing website page. Ordering events are not currently added to the event calendar. Links to ordering events can also be sent via mass messages and posted to social networks! You may want to add the even to an announcement, email or text message from your Popmenu site!

  • Selecting Copy Event URL from the ordering event popup menu will copy the event link to your clipboard.

  • Add this link to your navigation bar on your website by following the below instructions:

    • Click Website > Click on the Navigation

    • Scroll to the Bottom of the page and Click + Link + Dropdown depending on the type of navigation link needed:

    • Under Add Link, name the link under Link Display Text. This link name will be what you actually see on the navigation bar of your website. For example, the navigation bar of the website will read: About Us

Moving down on the Add Link portal, click on the second dropdown called Link URL. By default, Page is selected, select from the dropdown Custom URL and paste your previously copied Event URL

Managing Event Orders

You receive and manage event orders within the same dashboard as other online orders. Because event orders are likely to be several days in the future, they will accumulate on the Future tab on the order list page after being accepted. Event orders will have an order type of “Event", as seen below.

  • The event name is displayed on the order details page and on the printed kitchen ticket.

Managing Event Orders with Popmenu & Toast's Integration

  • For Toast connected restaurants, Popmenu ordering events orders inject as future/scheduled online orders within Toast. Restaurants can view these scheduled orders from the 'Future Checks tab' found within the 'Pending Orders' section of Toast POS. Scheduled orders hold within Toast and auto-fire when the schedule pickup date/time approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can ordering events be set up for multiple locations?

    • An ordering event is tied to a single location, but multilocation clients can create a separate ordering event for each location.

  • Can my guests pay on pick up for an ordering event?

    • All event orders are required to be paid online at the time the order is placed. It is recommended that clients capture funds at the time the order is accepted. Payment authorizations expire after seven days. All event orders must be accepted and payment captured within less than seven days from the time the order was placed.

      • All event pickups must occur within the same day.

      • Ordering events are for a single day only and cannot be configured to be recurring.

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