Get the best of both worlds when you integrate your Square POS with Popmenu's direct ordering solution. Now you can capture online orders from your website and process the order through your Square POS. Read on to learn the benefits of this POS integration and see if it's right for your restaurant.

Why You Should Connect Popmenu to Square for Online Ordering

Own the entire ordering processright on your website.

Right now, clients using Popmenu's direct ordering solution get to capture guest and order information throughout the ordering process. This information gets stored inside My.Pop and can be used for automated marketing later. Why is this valuable? With other third-party ordering platforms, the entirety of the order takes place on another platform where none of the critical guest data is shared back to the restaurant. With Popmenu:

  • Guests see the same great Popmenu website experience from dish photography, reviews, pops, and more!

  • Guest data is captured and automatically converts that guest into a follower on your website. This information can then be used to trigger Smart Messages and encourage repeat orders.

Manage Dine-In & Delivery

Now, itemized reports inside your Square POS will account for both online orders and dine-in orders. If you're also using Popmenu's third-party delivery integration with DoorDash, you'll also be able to see your online delivery orders that were captured through your Popmenu website as well.*

*Delivery tips are included in the total tip amount for the transaction, however, DoorDash delivery order tips go straight to the driver—not the restaurant. This accounting must be noted and handled outside of the POS.

How It Works

  1. Guest places an order on your website.

  2. Order is captured, auto-accepted by Popmenu, and injected into Square.

  3. If your POS is configured, a kitchen ticket will be printed automatically.

  4. Square processes the payment for the order.

  5. Square reports out order transaction details & summary.

Ready To Get Started?

  • Connect Square as your payment processor!

  • Reach out to and we'll walk you through next steps!

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