Instagram is more than just a beloved social media platform — it's also a powerful tool to market your restaurant. People browse Instagram to get inspired, to find digestible content related to their interests, and to connect with brands they care about.

Instagram's visually-driven platform allows you to expand your restaurant's reach, develop your brand's online persona, reach new followers, and re-engage your existing guests on a platform they know and love. Diners and foodies love finding and sharing "Instagram-worthy" content — and with our new Instagram Posting feature, sharing a weekly special or announcing a new menu is easier than ever.

New to Instagram? No worries, here’s a quick guide of tips and best practices to get you started.

  1. Photography First

    • Make sure you have a fresh bank of stunning photography uploaded and ready for deployment in your Photo Library. Having these photos uploaded and on standby for publish will help you streamline posts and track engagement in My.Pop. Need new photography for your restaurant? Let us help coordinate your next shoot.

  2. Consistency is Key

    • To earn engagement on your Instagram posts, publishing to your Instagram feed (the posts that wind up on your profile’s grid) or story (24-hour photos or videos) weekly and even daily is integral to showing your restaurant has an active profile. Not sure what to post? Use the items on your menu and highlight 2-3 each week to entice new guests and existing ones.

    • What’s the difference between posts on the feed and your story?

      1. Your feed is a great place to drop a post and collect likes or comments. These posts will land in each follower’s timeline based on the likelihood they are to engage with it. Since it could take up to 24 hours for someone to see a post on your feed, we do not recommend using these to communicate any immediate/temporary updates. Your story will be the best place to communicate updates that are temporary and require immediate action. Keep in mind at this time that Popmenu’s Instagram integration only supports posts to your feed.

  3. Hashtags and Trends

    • Taking advantage of relevant and location-specific hashtags and jumping on viral trends can help drive more traffic to your page from non-followers. Hashtags are a way to make your posts more discoverable on Instagram and do not necessarily need to apply to your restaurant each and every time. Commenting on your own posts with trending hashtags can boost the individual performance of that post.

    • Top 20 Performing Hashtags on Instagram:

      • #love

      • #instagood

      • #photooftheday

      • #fashion

      • #beautiful

      • #happy

      • #cute

      • #like4like

      • #tbt

      • #followme

      • #picoftheday

      • #follow

      • #me

      • #art

      • #selfie

      • #summer

      • #instadaily

      • #repost

      • #friends

      • #nature

  4. Track Your Performance

    • Social media is an amazing marketing tool that can oftentimes drive instant results for businesses. Using tools like Linktree can help create actions (like visiting your website!) for guests to take if they want to buy a ticket for an event or place an online order. As you publish posts in My.Pop, you can also view historical performance at large so that you can track your posts’ engagement as a whole. Utilize these insights from month-to-month to track which posts perform best with your followers.

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