In Stock + Out of Stock Modifiers

You can now mark modifiers as in stock or out of stock directly in the dashboard. Any modifiers marked out of stock will be disabled for online ordering.

You can choose if the item will return tomorrow and in this case, only the current business day will be affected. When a modifier is marked out of stock until the next business day, guests will still be able to select this modifier for orders scheduled in the future.

If this box is not chosen, then the modifier will unavailable indefinitely until manually turned on again.

What Your Guest Sees

When marked out of stock, guests will be able to see the modifier is out of stock and will not be able to add to the cart.

Example Scenario 1: Hashbrown modifier out of stock on all items until tomorrow.

Let's say you run out of hashbrowns for breakfast today. Hashbrowns will not be available until tomorrow for breakfast. Many of the items on your menu contain this modifier including all breakfast entrees on the menu including omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and pancakes.

The hashbrowns live in the shared modifiers section. Shared Modifiers are a grouping of modifiers that are shared across multiple items specifically for online ordering.

How to Mark the Hashbrowns as Out of Stock Across all Items:

  • Locate the shared modifier group containing all side options
    - Click Menu > Shared Modifiers > Locate Shared Modifier group containing Sides

  • Toggle off the Hashbrowns modifier option
    -Toggle the modifier as Out of Stock > Check box Until Next Business Day > Save

By checking the box that says "Until Next Business Day" the hashbrowns will automatically appear on all menu items the next time you open for business.

Here's what your guest will see when ordering:

Example Scenario 2: Bass fish is not available for the ceviche today and will not return until next week

Let's say you serve ceviche and the guest can select the type of fish they prefer when placing their online order. Today Bass fish is not available as an option and will be back next week.

Since the Bass fish is specific to the ceviche items and not shared amongst other items on the menu, we will need to make this adjustment at the item level on the menu directly.

How to locate mark Bass as out of stock on the Ceviche Item only:

  • Locate the Menu that the item lives on in the backend
    - Click Menu > Select your Menu > Click on the Item

  • Toggle off Bass as a modifier option

- Mark the Bass option as out of stock on the item directly > Save

Here's what your guest will see when ordering until Bass is manually marked as in-stock next week!

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