You can opt-in to receive a daily email showing their online ordering sales for the previous day 🔥

Total sales, number of orders, and average order amount are included in these emails as well as comparisons against the same day during the previous week. Top-selling items are also included! Learn how to opt into these messages below.

Set Up & Enroll

  • Log into your My.Popmenu dashboard and select online ordering (via the shopping cart icon)

  • Select Ordering Settings > Notifications tab enabling you to opt-in to receive daily sales summary via email!

Team members with full access to manage ordering for a location will see the option to opt-in to the daily sales report.

Daily Sales Email

The sales email contains the following information for the previous day:

  • Total sales, number of orders and average order amount

  • Week-over-week percentage changes for each of the above.

  • A breakdown of sales by ordering mode (e.g., pickup, delivery)

  • The number of refunded orders

  • The three top-selling items for the day

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