First, ask yourself, do you need a printer? Many restaurants choose to re-enter their order into their POS to aggregate reporting and leverage the printer you may already have for Popmenu!

Second, do you have a device dedicated to managing online ordering? If you consistently receive multiple online orders per night, Popmenu recommends having a dedicated device to manage orders as well as to connect to your printer(s). A tablet that has a Stay Awake feature is recommended.

Third, do you want to aggregate orders from multiple third-party delivery services to one tablet and printer? If so, we recommend using OrderNerd Powered by Popmenu.

If you decide a dedicated printer is best, Popmenu supports the Star TSP 100 series, Star TSP 600 series, and EPSON TM Series which have several different models available. Before purchasing a printer in this series, consider the following compatible printers below:

  1. Star Printers

  2. Epson Printers



  • This printer is the lowest cost option

  • This is a recommended printer if you plan to have your online ordering management device right next to the printer at all times

  • Easy setup!


  • You may need dongles/on-the-go adapters depending on your device

  • Unable to connect more than 1 device simultaneously

  • The printer does need to be physically located next to or immediately near the online ordering management device since this requires a physical connection between devices.

Star TSP143IIIBI Bluetooth

  • Pros:
    Consider this option if you only have 1 online ordering management device that will be near the printer (although you can swap out devices whenever)

  • This printer does not require an in-house network

  • Easy setup!

  • Cons:
    This printer is not a good fit for you if you plan to have a long-range between your printer and online ordering management device or if there are obstructions between device and printer (e.g. concrete walls, refrigerators, etc)

  • We would not advise this printer if you want or need more than 1 device connected simultaneously

  • This printer is the most expensive option of the Star TSP printers

Star USBTSP143IIILAN Ethernet or TSP143IIIW Wireless


  • These devices have more range (up to 33 feet), and it does not matter if there are obstructions between online ordering management device(s) and printer(s)

  • These devices can be placed anywhere within range of your network

  • These printers can have printers and devices running simultaneously


  • The initial setup can be more complicated depending on your network configuration

  • You do need in-house networking for these printers!

EPSON TM-T20II - works over USB


  • Handles most small business retailers and restaurants

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and various POS systems

  • Thermal Printing

  • Cost-effective


  • Meant for low-volume orders

  • Only 1 Epson printer can be connected at a time.

EPSON TM-T20III - works over USB


  • Thermal Printing is designed for reliability and flexibility

  • Fast and efficient printing speeds

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and various POS systems


  • Only 1 Epson printer can be connected at a time.

EPSON TM-M30 - works over Bluetooth


  • Compact and efficient with sleek 3" receipt printing

  • Ideal for most layouts with modular casing. Can top-load or front-load configurations.

  • Dual power source for tablet and printer.

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and various POS systems


  • Only 1 Epson printer can be connected at a time.

  • Connectivity to Cloud-based POS systems

EPSON TM-T88VI - works over LAN


  • Print from web-based applications

  • Built-in NFC for easy-to-pair Bluetooth connectivity

  • Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, and Internat (LAN) Connectivity

  • leverage best-of-breed POS apps and perform remote firmware upgrades.

  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and various cloud, web, and physical POS ---systems.

  • Ultra-fast print speeds


  • Cost

  • Only 1 Epson printer can be connected at a time.


Complex Set Up

You should consider, would you like to have a printer by the bar as well as a kitchen in the printer, consider, will you have multiple devices managing orders or just one managed by a runner or hostess? If so, this will impact your printer choice selection!

Or, if you have one device (like a tablet) managing online ordering and you want to have two printers, you may want to select the Star USBTSP143IIILAN Ethernet or TSP143IIIW Wireless. This printer allows you have multiple printers and devices running simultaneously! Currently, Epson printers can be connected to 1. An Epson & Star print CAN be connected together.

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