We have provided recommendations below on troubleshooting tips with connecting a Star TSP 100/600 Series printer to your device. At this time, Popmenu does not support printing with any other Star SP series printers.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that your device can connect and print by downloading the manufacturers TSP100III Utility app. Available in Google Play and Apple app stores

  • Make sure you have downloaded or updated the latest version of the Popmenu for Owners app, and your device software is at least iOS 12 or Android 6.0

  • Verify that your device does not have automatic sleep mode enabled. (For Android Devices follow this article to enable Stay Awake.)

  • Make sure you can print a sample ticket to the printer directly from the Utility App. If you are having difficulty downloading the utility app or cannot print simple tickets with the Utility app, please contact Star support at (800) 782-7636 x995

  • If you are using the USB model (TSP143IIIU), make sure your printer is connected to the correct port listed in the setup guide (it can be different for iOS and Android). You might also need additional cables or a USB On-the-go adapter depending on the device

  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet

Star TSP 100 Series Manuals





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