Offering curbside pickup in online ordering allows for your restaurant to quickly and easily offer a streamlined experience for guests on your online ordering platform!

Offer convenience to your guest with a customized experience we help you design🚗!


Before you can offer a curbside experience to your guests, you will turn on and configure this feature in your dashboard!

Turning the Curbside experience on:

  • Log Into → Select Ordering → Select Ordering Settings → Select Location Settings for your location → Select Pickup

  • Switch the toggle on to green for Curbside to turn the feature on. Now that the feature is on, you will be able to configure the settings!

Configure Curbside Settings

You can now configure a more customized experience for your guest! Continue reading for information on each field!

  • Curbside Label: This is what the guest will see on the checkout page as the name of the pickup option they are selecting. The default for this field is “Curbside”. If you are offering a traditional curbside experience, we recommend leaving the default as is, however, you do have to option to change it! Below is what this will look like for your guests.

  • Additional Instruction: This field allows you to leave the guest any special curbside instructions you would like to give them such as Please park in one of our designated pick-up parking spaces.

  • Ask for Vehicle Info: This gives you the opportunity to ask for the guest’s vehicle information, including make, model, and car color.

  • How you want the guest to let you know they have arrived - You choose whether a guest who has arrived should reply “1” to their confirmation text or just call the restaurant. You can also customize what you would like to auto-reply back in the text back when the guest lets you know they have arrived such as please wait in your car or have payment ready. If you need to tell your guests that the order will take a few more minutes, additional customization allows you to designate what text the customer received if you press that there is a delay.

Once these settings have been configured, the curbside feature will be enabled and guests will be able to start using it 🎉

Placing a Curbside Order

The only difference to your customer in the curbside experience is during the check-out process!

When a guest is ready to checkout, they will now see two new options on the checkout page:

  • Walk-in / In-Store: This is the option a guest would choose if they would like to go into the store and grab their order. If they choose this option, then they can go ahead and checkout, and nothing more needs to be done.

  • Curbside: This is the option a guest would choose if they would like their food brought out to their car. All they would need to do is select this option and enter the make, model, and color of their vehicle. After they enter this info they can check out as normal.

After the guest checks out, they’ll see a new “Thank you” page that gives them some very simple instructions of what to do when they arrive at your restaurant.

Immediately after the guest sees this “Thank you” page, they will receive an “Order Placed” email and an “Order Placed” text message.

When you accept the guest’s order, as normal, the guest will receive a confirmation email and confirmation text message. However, now the guest will have the option of letting you know they have arrived by:

  • Replying the confirmation text with “1”

  • Clicking on the “I’m Here” button in their confirmation email

  • Calling your restaurant directly.

Processing a Curbside Order

When a guest places a curbside order, you will need to “Accept” the order as normal in my.pop or in your Popmenu for Managers App. However, now there will be a label letting ups know the order is a curbside order.

After the order has been accepted, the guest will get a “Order Confirmation” email and text, as shown above.

When the guest arrives, they can let the restaurant know by doing one of 3 things:

  1. Calling the restaurant directly

If the guest calls into the restaurant directly, that’s easy, you can give them curbside instructions over the phone.

2. Clicking the “I’m Here” button in their confirmation email

3. Replying to their confirmation text message with the number “1”.

If the guest chooses to let you know that they have arrived via clicking “I’m Here” in the confirmation email or replying “1” via text message, then you are notified in my.pop that the guest has arrived.

You are notified in my.pop in 3 different ways that the guest has arrived:

  1. Single ding sound

2. Pop-up Notification on the top right of their my.pop dashboard that looks like the one below

3. Flashing Curbside car icon next to the order in question

Using the Popmenu For Owners App? You will see this notification:

When you notice these things, you know a guest is waiting outside for a curbside order! The color of the car icon will match the color of the guest’s car that they picked at checkout 😉

You will now have two options:

  1. Be Right There - If the order is ready you can click the “Be Right There” button. This will send the guest an automated text message response letting them know that a staff member is on their way out with the guest’s order.

2. Hide - If the order isn’t ready yet, the restaurant can click on the “Hide” button and the pop-up will be hidden. However, the flashing car icon will continue to flash so that you know that there is a guest waiting outside for their order. When the order is ready you can click into the curbside order and they’ll be able to find a “Be Right There” button on the order details page. Clicking that button will send the same automated text to the guest, letting them know their order is on its way out.

Happy Ordering!

If you prefer to watch a training webinar, please view how to set up Curbside below!

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