How Placing an Order with Digital Gift Cards Works for Guests

Digital gift card recipients receive a unique code in an email that can be used when placing an online order using a digital gift card:

Redeeming Digital Gift Cards

The easiest way to redeem and use the gift card is by clicking Redeem and Order Now on the email.

Clicking this button takes the guest directly to your restaurant's online ordering page, and the gift card is automatically applied to the order at check out:

Another simple way to redeem the digital gift card is by entering the unique gift card code into the online order at the checkout. The digital gift card will automatically be applied to the order balance during check out:

Digital Gift Card Order Balance

When a digital gift card is used as the primary payment method they will see that the total owed on the order and the remaining gift card balance if applicable:

What if the Digital Gift Card does not pay the entire order and there is a remaining balance?

If a guest's digital gift card does not cover the entirety of their order then the remaining balance needs to be paid. Guests can pay the remaining balance online using your preferred Stripe or Square payment processing method.

If a guest chooses to pay on pick up and there is a remaining balance on the order, then the guest will be notified that a remaining balance is due when picking up their order.

What Happens if an Order is Rejected?

If an order is rejected and a digital gift card was used on payment, the order balance will return back to the digital gift card that the guest can use again at a later time and time:

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