Digital Gift Card Dashboard

Guests order digital gift cards from your website and gift card orders are tracked in the Digital Gift Card Dashboard, which can be found by clicking Ordering > Digital Gift Cards

The Dashboard displays the following information:

  • Gift card recipient

  • Gift card code

  • The initial value of the gift card

  • Current gift card balance

  • The date the gift card was purchased

A search bar is available in the gift card dashboard to search for past gift card purchases

Resending a Digital Gift Card

For guests who buy a digital gift card and put in the incorrect recipient email address, you can re-send that gift card for them with the correct email!

  • Press Resend next to the appropriate purchase

  • Type in the appropriate name and email address and press send!

How to Tell if a Guest paid with a Digital Gift Card

If a guest checks out using a digital gift card you can see the payment method on each order, highlighted on each order as Gift Card Applied

Digital Gift Card Reporting

The reporting pannel of the Popmenu Online Ordering System now includes a Gift Card Value column to showcase online orders that were paid for with a gift card

Gift Card Order Report

The Gift Card Orders Report gives you an overview of the digital gift card orders in the dashboard. You can see how many orders have been placed per day or week and the total captured charges that digital gift card orders generated.

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