How Guests Buy Digital Gift Cards

Guests can now buy digital gift cards directly on your website to use in your Popmenu online ordering. These digital gift cards can only be used in Popmenu's online ordering.

After a guest purchases a gift card, the recipient will receive an email with the gift card details. Learn more below!

Buying a Digital Gift Card

Guests buy digital gift cards directly on your website. No refunds are accepted with Popmenu digital gift cards.

Step 1: Gift Card Amount

Guests select the amount they'd like to purchase on the card and select the quantity

Step 2: Recipient Information Entry

Guests are required to enter the name and email of who the gift card is going To.
This is the email that the digital gift card will be sent to.

Guests are also required to enter the name and email of who the gift card is From. This is the email that the gift card receipt will be sent to.

Step 3: Enter Short & Sweet Message

Guests have the option to include a short and sweet message to the gift card recipient!

Step 4 (Optional!): Buy Another Gift Card

Guests also have the option to Add One More Gift Card to their Order. They will be required to repeat the steps taken above!

Step 5: Payment Entry

Once the information above has been entered and the order is ready to be placed, it's time to pay! Guests enter their credit card information directly on the page to place their order. Gift Card refunds are not accepted, as shown in the warning above the Place Order button!

How Digital Gift Cards are Delivered to Guests

Gift Card Receipt Email

The email below displays the Digital gift card receipt after a digital gift card order has been placed

Digital Gift Card Email

Guests receive their digital gift cards by email and it's ready to use with all order types (Pick up, Delivery, Contactless Dine-in). Each digital gift card contains a unique code to enter into Popmenu's online ordering system while placing an order.

Guests can click Redeem and Order Now to drive guests to your website's online ordering page to get started with placing an order. The gift card code will automatically be applied to the order. Click here to learn more about how guests use gift cards to pay for online orders!

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