Start Selling Digital Gift Cards Right on your Website

Now guests can order digital gift cards directly through your website! Popmenu Digital card and can only be used with Popmenu's online ordering system for online orders.

After your guest purchases a digital gift card, the recipient will receive an email with the gift card details. Payment processing with Stripe or Square is required to be set up in order to use this feature.

Configure Payment Processing

Selling digital gift cards on your website requires payment processing through Stripe or Square to collect payment.

  • On the Digital Gift Card page, Click Connect New Account to integrate Stripe or Square payment processing

  • Click Select New Account to confirm the payment processing integration

Successfully configured payment processing accounts look like:

Activate Digital Gift Card Purchasing

  • After payment processing is configured, toggle the Digital Gift Card Purchasing On.

Make sure Digital Gift Cards is Ready For Orders

Payment processing is successfully configured with Stripe or Square and the Green Digital Gift Card Purchasing is On toggle need to be activated in order to collect digital gift card orders, as shown below:

Successfully configured Stripe:

Green Digital Gift Card Purchasing is Toggled On

Create a Gift Card Page

Create a Brand New page that your guests can order digital gift cards from!

  • Click Website > Pages > Add Page

  • Name Your Page: Digital Gift Cards

  • Click Add Section > A text Box section will display on the screen > Click Text Box

  • Under Forms Select Gift Cards so guests can order gift cards directly on this page

Configure Gift Card Settings

You have the option to add an image of your gift cards (this step is totally optional!) and select gift card value options. Then, press save!

Congrats! Now your Digital Gift Card Page is ready to takes orders. Now we need to link the digital gift card page to the navigation bar of your website so your guests can easily access the page

  • Click Website > Navigation > Add Link

  • Link Display Text: Add Link Name - like "Digital Gift Cards"

  • Link URL: Page > Select Digital Gift Card page in the 3rd dropdown > Save

Now You're set up and ready to take digital gift card orders!

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