Gift Card FAQ's

How do Gift Cards get sent to customers?

Via Email! Once an E-gift card order is placed the buyer will receive the gift card in their email. The buyer will also receive an email separately with a receipt.

Does the Restaurant receive the funds only when the guest uses their gift card?

No! You do not have to wait for the credit to be used before you collect the digital gift card funds. Gift card funds go to the restaurant's bank account through your chosen payment processor once purchased.

Does Popmenu's Digital Card feature support physical gift card purchases?

No! Not at this time. This feature ONLY supports digital purchases and digital redemptions through your Popmenu online ordering experience at this time.

Do I have to use Stripe or Square for payment processing to have access to this feature?

Yes! Stripe or Square payment processing must be connected in order to sell e-gift cards through Popmenu. You can find instructions on Square or Stripe set up on our support site. Get set up today!

Can gift card purchases be refunded?

No! No Refunds for Gift Card Purchasers: Once a digital gift card has been purchased, the buyer will not be able to request a refund. Learn how to refund orders here.

If an online order is refunded what happens to the gift card credit?

Good Question! If a gift card recipient places an online order using the gift card, they will be able to request a refund on that order and have their gift card balance credited back. See the rejected order email here.

Can gift cards be redeemed at any location?

Yes! Recipients of digital gift cards will be able to use them while placing an online order at ANY of the restaurant’s locations.

Can gift cards be used for both Online Payment and Pay at Pick up options?

Yes! Both Payment Methods Supported: Recipients of digital gift cards will be able to redeem their gift cards while placing an online order using both the Pay Online and Pay at Pickup payment methods.

Do I have to include all of the information about the gift card recipient in order to order a digital gift card?

Yes! Recipient Information is Mandatory: At the point of purchase, the buyer must input the recipient’s information: name, email address in order to complete the purchase of the digital gift card.

Can buyers check their Digital gift card balance?

Yes! Click here to learn how!

Can I see all gift card purchases from my guests?

Yes! In the Gift Card Dashboard reporting area.

What happens if a digital gift card does not cover a guest's entire order?

If a guest's digital gift card does not cover the entirety of their order then the remaining balance needs to be paid. Guests can pay the remaining balance online using your preferred Stripe or Square payment processing method.

If a guest chooses to pay on pick up and there is a remaining balance on the order, then the guest will be notified that a remaining balance is due when picking up their order.

What if a guest loses their digital gift card code?

Chat us or email and our team will provide the missing gift card code for your guest

In what denominations are gift cards available?

Gift cards can be purchased for $10, $25, $50, $100, or $200.

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